Denormalising Grandad — 11 Comments

  1. That playground sign is a disgrace. Imagine telling a child that it is OK to fly through the air on a swing with no supervision. Where is the caring non-smoking parent in the image? A young precious child could lose their grip and be flung mercilessly into the air and onto the hard concrete ground face first. Somebody should call Health & Safety about this ……. blah blah blah

    • Considering that statistically a child is infinitely more likely to be injured by the equipment than by a whiff of burning leaf, then I think Elf and Safety should be concerned.  You'd better phone them.

  2. The sign says 'This is a Tobacco-Free Zone'. Does this mean that the cheeeldren are free to smoke non-tobacco products?

    • Either that or tobacco is provided free?  Anyhows, they just have to step outside for a drag, or else take up vaping.

  3. So when the little tykes light up behind the bike sheds is that still ok?or is it only wrong when the bike shed is in the it still ok to call them tykes…i.m too old for all this stuff

    • Surely you know that there is a blanket exemption worldwide for the back of bicycle sheds?  Even if the shed is in a playground, the back of it is still sacrosanct.

      Maybe they should build bicycle sheds in pubs?

      • This is Lateral Thinking of the highest order: 'build bicycle sheds in pubs'. Get that idea quickly to the headquarters of the Irish Vintners Association, Grandad!

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