I have just received what purports to be a legal threat telling me I cannot name names [but they can’t tell me who as there is an injunction involved].  I am therefore removing any names from the following article just to be on the safe side and replacing them with pseudonyms. My apologies to [redacted – Reggie D White] and his partner [D. Furniture].  Far be it from me to slur the name of a singer of such classics as "Rocket Man", "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" and "Crocodile Rock"?

Please note that whoever you think I'm talking about is probably not the people you think I'm talking about.  It could be someone else altogether.


In the course of my morning readings, I stumbled by The Last Furlong.

Remember those people who cannot be named? This is about them…

Unfortunately the link was dud [but is since fixed].  Now I vaguely remember the story as it broke a few weeks ago, but I had ignored it at the time.  However my interest was piqued [as they say] so I decided to investigate further.

So It transpires that "Reggie D White" and his partner [redacted] have been naughty boys and have been indulging in a little threesome [or three].

Now I have absolutely zilch interest in "Reggie D White".  As far as I am concerned, he is some bloke who produced a couple of good tracks back in the Seventies and has a bad taste in spectacles.  I have less than zilch interest in "D. Furniture" as I haven't the foggiest who he is [apart from hanging around with the other “Mr White”].  I assume there is a third bloke somewhere otherwise it wouldn’t have been a threesome, but unless it was Prince Charles I just don’t care.  [If it had been Prince Charles it would be worth a giggle?]

So why are these two so desperate that I don't read their little sordid tale?  I don't give a flying fuck what they get up to.  Their antics are about as important to me as the private life of a pigeon in Waterloo Station, yet these two somehow throw their money about and waste the Courts' time by taking out injunctions forbidding anyone from mentioning their sordid little games.  If they are so fucking embarrassed by their antics then they shouldn't have indulged in the first place?

I have to laugh though.  If they had just kept their head down the whole thing would have died the death within milliseconds, but as it is they have illustrated to perfection the Streisand Effect.  They deserve all they get from trying to muzzle free speech, and may the story roll on and embarrass the fuck out of them.

Don't they know that the Forbidden Fruit is the sweetest?  Like kids trying out cigarettes, the more you try to prevent things the more people will want to try them.  It's human nature.

What a pair of tossers!

Conservative dressing

Please respect these gentlemen's desire for an inconspicuous and private life!


And before I forget – I wrote this is Ireland and it sits on my little server also in Ireland, so yiz can fuck off with your injunctions!

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Cannot be named in England and Wales — 15 Comments

  1. That's a wonderful photo of two fellas trying to live inconspicuous  private lives. Why doesn't Denis O'Brien imitate their sartorial daring? Then the media would ignore him.

  2. "Injections, to god-damned hell with injections! We have no injections. In fact, we don't need more meat injections. I don't have to show you any stinking injections, you god-damned cabrón and chinga tu madre!"

    And to think over here we're stuck with boring ol' Donald Trump…

    • I thought you were calling someone a dogfucker there for a minute!  [The hazards of being Irish: dog = madra].

      Don't knock Trump.  Our lot are just as insane but they hide it better.

  3. Ha ha. The links on my posts keep getting taken down at source by thos people I cannot name because I live in England. That day I set out to write ONE post about those people, you know, I ended up writing FOUR (or was it five) trying to keep up with the disappearing links. I also don't care what they did. I only feel cross with using your very vast wealth to threaten – nay BLACKMAIL the Internet not to publish something that is only illegal in England and Wales. The Internet does not fall under our laws. Yet sites in other countries that mention those people (you know who) are taking down their stuff out of fear of THE POWER of those people with no names who threaten them with suits. Recently I saw one of the people we are talking about on TV looking very bloated/debauched  being very affectionate with someone, a toy-boy "protigee", whom he was promoting as a new upcoming "star". So the mind boggles.

    Thanks for posting this challenge. Had a good laugh.

    • Well, so far I haven't had any hammering at the door yet.  There is damn all they can do about it anyway as every aspect of the site is Irish.  Actually – and interesting question – are you allowed mention their names [[redacted] and [redacted]] on this site?  You'd have to actually do the typing under the jurisdiction but the message ends up here, outside the jurisdiction within milliseconds.  Does the law work that fast?

      I have no time for anyone using their money or "celebrity status" to grab themselves favours and facilities that are closed to the rest of us.  Just look at that twat Bono, going around lecturing gubmints how to behave?  In my book, "celebrities" are just the leeches of society.

    • The way those kids are dressed is somehow weird.  A bit like putting a ballet outfit on a poodle?  Just an idle impression…….

      • They remind me of ventriloquists' dummies. Sir Elton Johann, with his unsexy tinted glasses, looks like a jaded ventriloquist in the picture.

  4. I have been guilty of an odd indiscretion in my time.Nothing worthy of national press, and you all would find it  pretty boring. but being unable to find £250,000  for an injunction  I have to live with it.

    What happens is , I go into the pub and my mates take the piss for a few days, then all is forgotten when someone else fucks up, then I take the piss……………..tiss all a  silly game  .

    • As far as I m concerned my life is an open book for anyone to read.  Except Herself.  Don't anyone tell Herself.  She has a memory the size of Everest.

  5. Call me stoopid, call me a cab but I'm at a complete loss to whom you refer. I must be more diligent in the future and keep abreast of current events. The last I heard was that nice Mr Hitler had annexed the Sudetenland- I wonder how that will turn out?  Anyway, are you referring to Cliff Pilchard? I hear he was very handy with a Mars bar, or was that Nick Nagger? I confess I get confused these days as I'm not a well man.

  6. This episode is even more bizarre.  I'm out of their jurisdiction but I'll refer to them as Wiggy Specs and Meubles so anyone reading from within don't get their eyes sued.  Allegedly unbeknown to Wiggy Specs, Meubles was playing away with A N Other. A N Other was in a relationship with A N Other-Other.  Meubles thought it would be a good weez to fill a jacuzzi with olive oil and have a threesome with A N Other and his fwend AN Other-Other.  Wiggy Specs wasn't invited to the mayonnaise party.  Wiggy Specs took out the gagging order (presumably the thought of all that OO made him puke).  The headlines across the pond where along the lines "married man with children involved in illicit 3-some"  I must've read that on a day when I had no paint to watch dry.  Here's the daft bit.  Wiggy Specs has claimed in the past to have an 'open' marriage with Meubles and he doesn't expect fidelity, so one wonders what the all the fuss was about anyway?  

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