I just wandered into the Irish Times to see if there was anything further on the smoking licence lark.

Indeed there is.

Some prod-nosed little cunt has written in with his little idea to inflict on the population.

Sir, – Further to William Reville’s “A licence to smoke – the endgame for tobacco?” (Science, April 21st), licensing tobacco products may or may not be successful. If it reduces smoking, it could significantly improve the health of our society.

First of all, who the fuck is this Robert Carty?  What concern is of his that smoking should be reduced "to improve the health of our society"?  It's my society too and there is no fucking way he speaks for me.

The Tasmanian parliament is discussing a Bill which, if passed, would protect all who have been born in this century by gradually increasing the legal age of people to whom tobacco products can be sold. It does not criminalise the smoker but puts the onus on tobacconists to check the age of the purchaser. It is designed to eradicate smoking over time and protects the young by focusing on a tobacco-free generation.

Oh, how nice!  He doesn't want to criminalise the smoker.

This Tasmanian thing is typical of the Puritan – an insane idea that cannot work but gives the Puritan a cozy feeling that he is doing something to interfere.  Just stop and think for a moment, Carty – Do you really imagine that some time in the future that a 40 year old is perfectly free to smoke but a 39 year old would be a criminal?  Does that make sense?  You overlook the simple fact that cigarettes can't be sold to 16 year olds but many do?  It's one thing hounding teenagers but a different kettle of fish when you try to hound the middle aged in years to come.  The whole concept is so ridiculous and unworkable that a five year old would laugh at it.

So impressed was I by the logic of the argument that a few months ago I submitted a proposal to the Dáil subcommittee on petitions that Ireland should follow the example of Tasmania on this issue. Although it was submitted and acknowledged, unfortunately with the general election the committee ceased to exist and the petition fell. There is some doubt as to whether or not the subcommittee will be reconstituted in the new Oireachtas.

You were impressed, were you?  Of course Puritans are impressed with any insane idea that will restrict liberty.  And you have the fucking gall to "submit a proposal" did you?  Well I would submit a proposal that any interfering, nosey little cunt should be instantly culled, so stick that up your tight arse and swivel.

Meanwhile there might be some legislator out there who could pick up the baton on this important health issue. – Yours, etc,

I'm sure there is.  There always seems to be someone who thinks society should be moulded to their grey little ideas.

So, Robert Carty.. I would suggest you mind you own fucking business and preferably choke on your little ideas.  How do you presume to know what "important health issues" are and what fucking business is it of yours anyway?

Oh just go fuck off, you horrible little man.

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A letter from under a rock — 6 Comments

  1. Sort of half way explains why the population in Tasmania is facing a death spiral!


    Their solution is "to better engage with expat communities, we've got to better support migrant communities".

    In other words they don't have enough people of breeding age, so they'd like a bunch of non-smoking, teetotal, sub 25 BMI retirees or legal migrants to elect to live in that wind swept, puritanical, politically correct pimple. 

    • Why don't they just ban the pill, condoms and any other form of contraception?  After all, there is no problem no matter how small that can't be solved with a ban!

  2. Ha! The arrogance of some people is just breathtaking! What a self-important little arsehole this obnoxious specimen is. May the Gods save us from self-righteous morons like him.

    Unfortunately, there are lots like him in TC getting paid to spout odious and fact-free gibberish in a similar vein. The world has gone mad.

    • I presume this little shit isn't even being paid.  He is either a paid up member of ASH or he's just a narrow minded obnoxious little shit with a superiority complex.

      • I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this weasel was in fact working for TC and writing under a false name. Part of their training involves writing 'letters to the Editor from a concerned citizen' sent out en masse, to give the appearance of grassroots support for their warped ideology.

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