Is this Morally Outraged Month?

Are we celebrating the Professionally Peeved?

Are we to be made extra aware of the Insulted, the Offended and the Hurt?

Someone help me out here.

It's just that I have noticed a rash of reports of complaints about the non-Politically Correct lately.

I supposed it kicked off with the Mealy Mouthed Tweeter which was a gigantic piece of news about absolutely nothing.  It was Twitter for God's sake.  Twitter – the favourite hangout of the Righteous and the OMG Generation.  No one takes any notice of Twitter surely?  But apparently mentioning the word Muslim is akin to planting a bomb in Buckingham Palace.  Get a fucking grip, you mindless fucking morons!

Then we have the [very] strange case of villages being forced to change their names in case they might offend someone with religious sensibilities.  The poor precious things might feel threatened by names such as "High Easter" and "Good Easter"?  How do they survive, the precious little darlings?  Don't they also feel threatened by Astronomy or Norse Gods, or are they just too stupid to know the etymology for the days of the week?  Are they not intimidated by those nasty German immigrants whose names gave rise to the word "England?

And there is the weird story of some idiotically dim university students who felt threatened and in pain because of some chalk.  In fucking pain?  Someone writes the word Trump on some steps and the poor precious little idiots go into a frenzy of terror?  What level of intellectual standard is required of American Universities?  Pretty damn little I would imagine.

And now we have people complaining because a television channel broadcasts Watership Down.  Every fucking film I watch these days has a sad little announcement that the film "may contain some violence or may offend someone's pathetic sensibilities" and I would be surprised if the showing of Watership Down was any different.  That aside, the mindless parents go into a frenzy of complaints rather than doing that simplest of things – changing channels or switching the fucking television off.  If their little rugrats were "traumatised" then it is squarely their own fucking fault.

I really do despair for the future of humanity.  Evolution seems to have gone sharply into reverse and we are heading backwards at a rate of knots to crawl back into the primordial soup.

As we regress, so our braincells decrease in numbers until we reach the stage of the single cell amoeba.

Obviously some have reached that stage already.



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