That mob over in the UK have a lot to answer for.

I went into the Irish Times Health section this morning – ten articles and five of them were about taxing sugary drinks.

UK sugar tax pledge likely to revive campaign in Ireland

Irish food industry to oppose attempts to introduce sugar tax

Global examples feed arguments for and against sugar tax

Sugar tax a decision for incoming government – Varadkar

Sugar tax on soft drinks reveals British hard line on obesity

So here we have a classic example of the Lemming Syndrome – someone else has done it so we must do it regardless of the rights and wrongs of an iniquitous tax with little or no effect on "the obesity crisis".

The Irish gubmint basically want to tax only two things – anything that moves and anything that doesn't.  This sugar business is a boon for them as it allows them to scrape yet more tax, predominantly out of the pockets of the poorer in society.  The fact that they can scream "health" and "children" in the same breath makes it all the easier for them.

In one of the articles [“Irish food industry” etc] there is a simple poll – do you welcome a sugar tax, or some such wording.  Naturally I selected No, and I then see the results…. 21% agree with me!  So 79% presumably voted Yes which brings to mind an expression about turkeys and Christmas.  The Bovine Herd have spoken and they want more taxation?  I despair.

In the same article they show a graph illustrating the levels of so called obesity amongst 15 year olds, showing the US, the OECD average, Ireland and the UK.  Interestingly the UK comes bottom and Ireland comes in below the OECD average.  The US of course is in an orbit of its own.  So where is the problem?  Where is the crisis?  Where's this epidemic?

They spout their reasons of course.

“There are two reasons [for sugar taxation]. The first is that the tax will have some effect on the levels of consumption,” he said.

No it won't.  It will just raise the cost of living for those who can least afford it.

“The other is a more fundamental reason. By putting a tax on these goods you are sending out a very clear signal to parents that these are the sorts of calories they can and should avoid.”

Are parents really going to look at the higher prices and "get the clear signal"?  No.  They will sigh and just pay the extra.  An extra few pence on an item just sends a clear signal that the gubmint is greedy and pandering to the fascists in the health lobby.

Mr Perry said the argument that such policy unequally targeted low income families held no merit as “sugary drinks are not a vital part of anyone’s diet. You are talking about empty calories”.

And here we have the great disconnect.  He responds to an objection with a completely irrelevant answer.  In his strange world, people will stop buying something simply because its's "not a vital part of anyone's diet"?  This Perry bloke is the epitome of the health fascist – you can't have it if it isn't nutritionally pure and essential.  There is no joy in his world.  Flavour and enjoyment must be ruled out for the sake of health.  The key words are "You are talking about empty calories".

The Bovine Herd don't seem to realise the world they are leading themselves into.  A world without empty calories and "non-essentials" means a world without desserts or cake; a world without sweets or alcohol; basically a world without any of the little joys in life.  All those things are "empty calories" and ultimately will be taxed out of existence "for our own good".  We must only partake of that which is healthy and essential as everything else is bad for us.

Welcome to the world of the Puritan.

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Sugar rush — 9 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, a lot of people are very stupid. The inheritors of Goebbells' legacy know this all too well and they play to it. With remarkable success. If I didn't despise them so much, I could almost admire the audacity.

    • What baffles me is the stupidity of people actually wishing a "sin tax" on themselves.  It's akin to a financial self-flagellation.  Do they seriously think all kids are obese [apart from their own of course]?  Do they seriously think it will make a difference?  As I said above, all that has to be done is to mention "children" and "health" in the same sentence and the Bovine will lap it up even if they themselves will suffer.  I despair sometimes.

      • Some people are into financial flagellation. They pay good money for it, too…

        And, yes, they do look at puppy fat and think the kid is obese. Twats.

    •  Is tonic a vital part of your diet?  Is it nutritionally sound or does it just contain empty calories?  I'd put it under lock and key if I were you.

      • The empty calorie meme is a triumph of lies over truth. There is  no such thing. It is a unit of energy. Either it is a unit of energy or it doesn't exist. You can't have an empty one.

        • I have just consumed the best part of a pack of Tesco's finest "Midget Gems" [I have run out of Mars Bars].  Surely they must be the ultimate example of empty calories?  Pure pleasure and zero essentials?  Yet the pack tells me I have consumed 344 kcal, so there has to be full calories in there somewhere.

          I'm waiting with trepidation for my waistline to explode into a 50" girth.

          Nothing has happened yet…….

          Still waiting……..

  2. I can't see the Greeks ever going for this 'sugar tax' baloney. Their cake shops are enough to give health fascists a heart attack just looking at what's on offer. Baclava dripping in honey and syrup, all manner of pastries that sit in a tray of syrup, fantastic cakes slathered in fruit and cream – the Greek ζαχαροπλαστείο is a temple at which sugar lovers gather to worship.

    Feast your eyes on the delights within…

    And funnily enough, there doesn't seem to be many fat Greeks around, really. A few, but not that many.

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