These researchers are amazing people.

Their latest ground breaking astounding research shows that vapers are actually using the term "vape" to search the Interweb.  How very dare they!

Since the invention of the electronic cigarette, people have started to use the words "vape", "vaper" and "vaping" and they are now recognised as legitimate words [much as I personally dislike them].  And researchers have discovered the audacity of some people to use those words in search engines.

One finding from the story of particular concern to health officials and researchers is that when it comes to vaping, people are by and large searching for information on how and where to get vaping products, not for information on quitting cigarette smoking or the health effects of vaping.

Well, smack me with a wet kipper but isn't that crazy?  People who want to find out about purchasing vaping products are actually searching for where to buy them?  Insane!

What most concerns the researchers, though, is that when people search for e-cigarette information, they're using search terms like: "best e-cig," "buy vapes" or "shop vaping."

Damn!  I have been using search engines the wrong way for years.  When I am looking for a "dog friendly holiday destination", I should have been searching for "how to knit a cardigan".  Fuck me!  Why did no one ever tell me?

"One of the most surprising findings of this study was that searches for where to buy e-cigarettes outpaced searches about health concerns or smoking cessation," Williams said.

And here was I thinking  that if I were in the market for a new Ford car I should do the idiotic thing and look for Ford dealers, when I should sensibly trawl the Interweb looking for deaths caused by Ford vehicles.  Or maybe I should be searching for sites giving advice on quitting the bicycle?

I have just completed my own little bit of research.

According to Google, "researchers" are a new phenomenon too.


Ngram researchers

But if you are doing similar research, I would suggest you use the keywords "trough feeders" "time wasters" or "morons who can't see the bleeding obvious when it's dished up on a plate".

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Why people shouldn’t be searching for what they are searching for — 5 Comments

  1. Heh! I chuckled out loud at this post, GD. One has to wonder at the childlike naivety of these people. Do they never interact with normal people in the real world? It would certainly seem so.

    …people are by and large searching for information on how and where to get vaping products, not for information on quitting cigarette smoking or the health effects of vaping.

    What the fucketty fuck? Do they really believe that everyone shares their warped and insular world view? Surely they can't be that stupid.

    Can they?

    • I have a feeling they crawled from under the same rock as Dame WhatsHerName in the UK.  They are so fanatically worried about health that no matter what they are about to do, they have to find out first if it will impact on their health or safety.  They naturally assume that we are all living in the same sad little bubble of worry as themselves and cannot even imagine that people have better things to be doing with themselves.

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