Very occasionally I mention smoking.

While I touched on the subject a couple of days ago, I feel compelled to return to it again as this is a special occasion.

Yesterday I was mooching around and came across an article which was highlighted by Dick Puddlecote amongst [many] others.  The reason it's special is that I laughed out loud when I read it.

People in Wales who work from home are to be banned from using electrofags while they are working.


What possible reason could there be for this move?

Imagine the scenario – you are beavering away at your desk in the back room, with no one else in the house and you take out your electrofag for a quick puff and immediately you are breaking the law?  Even more idiotic, you have knocked off for the evening and the missus and yourself are quietly watching television when the phone rings – it's a call from a customer, so instantly you have to fling your electrofag into a bucket of water otherwise you could land in court?  Presumably your misses can carry on vaping away, or maybe not?  The proposed ban doesn't mention the wee woman.


Apart from giving me a laugh, what justification could they possibly have for this surreal suggestion?

Now the only reason I can think of for this strange behaviour is that the Welsh gubmint have discovered that electrofags can somehow affect all the electronics around them.  So you spend your day producing a very impressive Powerpoint presentation to send on to your client, and as soon as he opens it he is immediately enveloped in lethal vapour which has somehow infected the files.  If you chat to a client on the phone, then sneaky little electrofag zips into the phone line and your client promptly develops cancer.  Even if you use a mobile phone, that impish electrofag is not to be outdone – it simply modulates itself onto the carrier wave and your client is toast.

But there is a problem here.

There you are, slaving away on a programming project and diligently not vaping in case you infect your code or get caught by the Vapour Patrol and end up in prison.  You decide to take a quick break so you spark up your electrofag and do a quick bit of surfing for porn.  How does your computer know that the porn is not work related?  Surely you are going to infect all your favourite porn sites, because your computer thinks you are doing some research for that payroll project you're supposed to be working on?  Will the rest of us have to install anti-vapour software to protect ourselves?

I confess I am baffled by that one.

Things are a bit simpler here in Ireland.  Here there is mention of a ban on smoking at home altogether.  At the time of writing, nearly half the people say that's a brilliant idea which just goes to show how the Irish love to be state controlled and to be ordered around for their own good.  The Irish are proud to be insane whereas the Welsh are still trying to prove it?

On a saner note, here's another soothing eighteen minutes of our John explaining why us saner people in Ireland object to being classed as second class citizens because of our sanity.

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Working on insanity — 16 Comments

  1. Is it safe to read this while breathing? apparently my exhaled breath contains formaldehyde, but then so will the air around you already (from your own lungs). Perhaps we should discourage exercise, so as to prevent the escalation of this dangerous human feature. You don't eat baked beans do you?

    • Nothing is safe any more.  One by one they have picked off just about every item in the encyclopedia and declared it to be carcinogenic.  And THERE IS NO SAFE LEVEL either.

      P.S. My gas generator of choice is Spanish onions.  Brilliant for quilt-lifting.

  2. Don't read this comment!!!
    I am currently using my electrofag as I write this.  I hope you don't sue me for your cancer because of the water vapor I am exhaling near my laptop.  I realize the danger I am putting you in by vaping while typing but I live in the US and at least for now it's legal for me to vape in my own house.  I apologize to every one who finds this action offensive.

    • Damn!  Too late.  Tumors are appearing all over my laptop, the television has exploded [no loss] and the dog is limping.  Are you happy now?

  3. These people are well and truly down the rabbit hole, and are now emulating the capricious and asinine vindictiveness of the Queen of Hearts.

    I increasingly find myself blinking in sheer disbelief at the ever more lunatic pronouncements issuing from Tobacco Control and their lackeys. Don't they realise how moronic they sound? Does it never occur to them to think about their pontifications?

    I know I keep saying this, but I really am so glad that I'm viewing this wretched idiocy from somewhere where sanity prevails.

    • They have certainly given up any presence that the whole pogrom has anything to do with health.  It is sheer vindictiveness about on a level with pulling the wings off flies.

  4. Ummm, okay. Now I suppose if that law actually goes through (meaning any law or laws that ban smoking/vaping in a home), that the next step is that all homes are to be converted into one big room with a 72" TV (complete with microphone and wide view camera) that cannot be turned off or turned down under penalty of death hung on one wall?

  5. A bit misleading, that article.  Under the Health Act 2006 (which I assume is the Act which covers Wales), home-workplaces are only obliged to be non-smoking if they are used as a place of work by more than one person (i.e. an employee), or if customers visit for work/trade purposes (which, incidentally, doesn’t include “domestic services” such as your builder or the bloke who comes to fix your boiler) and only those parts of the home which are used as workplaces – or access to their workplaces – by those employees/customers have to be non-smoking.  The article insinuates exactly what you have outlined in your item, Gramps, i.e. that the whole building has to be non-smoking, but it’s not true.  Typical media scaremongering – hoping to frighten people into avoiding smoking more than they have to by misleading them about the extent of the legislation.  And if, as they say, they are simply wanting to “extend the legislation to include electronic cigarettes” then the same limitations to the legislation would apply equally to vapers as, now, it does to smokers.  Still outrageous, of course, but then that whole section of the Act is outrageous in and of itself.


    • Even so, suppose the Missus and myself set up a business here [not uncommon for coupe to work together] and both of us smoke, it means that we are not entitled to smoke in our own home during "working hours".  That is insane and completely unenforceable.

      Looking at that scenario logically it presumes I am in greater danger from Herself's smoke than from my own, which de facto implies that second hand smoke is deadlier than smoking?

  6. During the past week I read an article ( sorry, can't find the link ) whereby in what is similar to council houses in this country, but in emerica, tenants will be banned from smoking in these facilities. Our own shower here are closely watching developments on this with a view to implementing likewise.

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