I passed a little milestone last week.

Somewhere around nine years ago I started on this little site.

Now I have been looking at the little Analyticaliser dials down in the engine room and I see I have had nearly a million visitors in that time.

But that's not what I'm on about.

Those million people read nearly two million pages.

But that's not what I'm on about.

They spent an average of 1.75 minutes per page.

And that's what I'm on about.

You see, to read two million pages at 1.75 minutes per page takes three and a half million minutes.  And assuming a working day of eight hours, that represents a total of 7,291.6 working days lost to the world economy.  I am naturally assuming that my readers are sensible enough to be reading this during working hours, as it would be a waste of leisure time otherwise.

So this little site has accounted for approximately 20 years of lost output which should represent quite a chunk of lost productivity.

I'm quite proud of that.

I like to think I'm striking a blow for the working man against the greed of global capitalism.

Cause for celebration?

Birthday cake

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Counting the cost — 18 Comments

  1. Come now, hard working government employees would never waste valuable time on GD web site. That would cut into the time they spend on solitaire and mine sweeper. After all government PCs have nto been updated in the 1980's. There 28 studies, 36 proposals, 14 investigations, 22 revisions, and 12 requests for quotes, but never got around to the actual purchases. 

    • The gubmint really out to switch to Linux.  There they can play Solitaire in twelve different versions [with vastly superior graphics] not to mention hundreds of other games to while away those tedious hours between nine and five.

  2. Congratulations Grandad, and keep going. As all the words you wrote were on a white screen you can also think about all the paper you've saved during those posting years.

    • In the same category as cigarettes, alcohol and asbestos?  Who'd a thunk it?  No mention of Plutonium so that must be in a safer category?

  3. Excellent! And from now on I'm going to grit my teeth and take a whole 4 minutes to read a page. Makes time for a bathroom break or pour another cup of coffee between post and comments.

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