I have little interest in British politics.

I have no interest in the Irish mob either so that isn't really strange.

I have always kept a wary eye on them though as there is a tendency for British policies to creep into our manifestos, and anyway there is no escaping them if I watch any news other then the local stuff.

I suppose my earliest real memories of the UK mob was in the days of Harold Wilson.  Now there was a grand gruff, plain speaking man of the people, and of course he was a pipe smoker.

Back in those days there were essentially two parties – the Conservatives and Labour.  Labour wanted everything nationalised and the Conservatives wanted everything privatised.  It was simple enough and there was no mistaking which party was in power.

After Wilson there was a string of leaders.  I don't remember much about Callaghan  but then along came Thatcher.  Jayzus but she was a nightmare in a dress.  There was nothing appealing about her, from her snobby accent to her bully tactics with the miners and Argentina.  I ain't saying Argentina was right but by Jayzus she took great delight in sending off a flotilla of warships!  As far as I am concerned, she was the start of the rot in modern politics.  She was a Rottweiler with a perm.

Skipping Major, Blair was a catastrophe.  That smarmy grin reeked of insincerity and his fawning over the Mercans was nauseating.  He became Dubya's faithful little lapdog and off they went arm in arm to fight a non-existant threat.  Millions died and he just shrugged and went off on lecture tours.

All this time Labour and the Conservatives were creeping closer together until at this point they were indistinguishable.  Both had the same policies much like our Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.  The only difference was in the name.

Personally I cannot stand the current leadership in the UK.  Cameron is a smarmy little oik straight out of Eaton.  Clegg and Milliband were straight out from under the same rock, with their hoity accents and their condescending ways.  Any time I saw any of them I just had visions of an oil slick.

OK, so Clegg and Milliband are gone, and no loss.  Apparently a Farron has taken over from Clegg but I only know that from Interweb research.  I haven't had sight nor sound of him otherwise so he must be a right non-entity.

And now we have Corbyn.

I know fuck all about him.  All I know is that he was a 100 to 1 no-hoper who came up on the rails and won the race.

I had never heard him speak or seen him in action, so again I had to resort to the Interweb [where would we be without the Interweb?!].  Two things struck me about him.  The first is that he wants to bring back the old Labour ways, so once again we'll be able to tell the two main parties apart.  The second is that he doesn't sound like an Etonian but rather sounds like he has lived a reasonably ordinary life.  That has to be a plus?  He is the first one since Wilson that I wouldn't mind having a pint with.  All the others would have driven me straight out of the pub.

There is actually a third thing.  He has a beard.  Not one of those horrible modern yokes but a real beard that looks well worn in.

All I need to see now is a picture of him smoking a pipe.

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A view from abroad — 12 Comments

    • With the exception of Farage and UKIP I just take it as read that they are all rabid anti smokers, even the hypocrites who smoke. 

  1. Now I couldn't give two shits about British politics but what about Nigel Farage?  He seems like a guy with his head screwed on correctly.

    • I can look on the mob over there with a nice sense of detachment.  If I had to live there, then Farage would get my vote every time.

  2. Which Irish politicians smoked a pipe? Jack Lynch comes to mind. Any others?

    So Corbyn is a veggie. He won't be buying the missus a crocodile leather handbag if he visits the Nile or the Zambesi.

  3. Corbyn is as far up his own arse as all the rest of them. He would be a nightmare on stilts if he ever got any real power..Fuck, he'd put a bunch of feminazis in all the major ministries, make Islam the official religion and make tobacco illegal. There is absolutely nothing to recommend him, nothing; beard notwithstanding. If you think UK is a nanny state now, under Corbyn, it would be a nanny state on steroids. Australia would be green with envy.

  4. <i>but rather sounds like he has lived a reasonably ordinary life</i>

    'fraid not. Apparently he started of working for the Unions, became a Councillor and eventually entered Parliament in 1983. True that he didn't go to Eton, but that start plus decades in SW1 would make him as far removed as Mr Cameron from us plebs.

    Anyone who is as seriously Right On as Mr Corbyn is no more a person to spend an evening in the pub with than the man he replaces.

  5. He did attend a private prep school and grew up in a lovely Manor House too, never had a job outside unions and politics so not quite an ordinary man of the people. Still the Tom and Jerry show should be fun! BTW I understand Harold Wilson only smoked a pipe in public and privately smoked cigars, at least he did smoke and that's a plus these days.

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