So they want to give us lowly peasants the opportunity to name storms?

They say that by letting us name them we will somehow become more "aware" of them?

Now I don't know about you but if the trees are leaning at forty five degrees, the rain is lashing off the windows and coming through that leak in the lobby roof and the slates and corrugated iron are rattling fit to fly into the next parish, then generally a thought crosses my mind that there may be a storm out there. I'm not quite sure how I'm to be any more aware of it short of it knocking on my front door and introducing itself.  Frankly I couldn't give a shit what it's called; I just want it to piss off and leave me alone.

Have they thought this one through?

Some poor sod manages to get a storm named after his beloved and proudly announces on social media that his true love is about to hit the coast.  After the carnage has been counted, are they going to think kindly on the poor woman?  Just think how fondly our friends in the States think of the name Katrina?

I have a much simpler solution.

What comes along periodically, causes massive destruction and mayhem and then fucks off leaving us to pick up the pieces and salvage what we can from the wreckage?

Yes.  You're ahead of me.

Let's name storms after politicians.

"Hurricane Enda hit Ireland yesterday, causing widespread disruption and damage estimated to cost in the region of several hundred millions and leaving thousands homeless"


On second thoughts, it's a bad idea.

People wouldn't know whether they were talking about the hurricane or the politician.

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A political storm — 3 Comments

  1. I agree with naming storms after politicians. That's particularly brilliant if you ask me. I'd come up with a particularly biting example of this using one of the US politicians but it's so unbelievably hot and muggy in these parts today all I can think of is the lack of air conditioning.

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