I watched that "Sugar Rush" thing the other night.

It was tabloid television at its very best, full of shock and horror moments guaranteed to impress the mindless masses.  It was supposed to be a documentary but in fact was a cook setting himself up as The Saviour of the Masses and a blatant mess of anti-sugar propaganda.

We were treated to graphic film of some kid having his teeth yanked out.  We saw babies being bottle fed Coca Cola in South America.  We saw a man with an amputated foot, and the whole time we were treated to close-ups of Jamie Oliver feigning surprise and heartfelt concern.  It was car crash television at its best [or worst] and the Cockney Cunt almost outdid Tom Cruise in wooden acting.

I won't bother with the details of the programme itself as others have neatly demolished it both here and here [both well worth reading].  Suffice it to say that the self aggrandising little twerp headed off on a voyage of discovery which was no more than a giant propaganda stunt both for the Nanny State and "Our Jamie".

What intrigued me more was the reaction to the programme, and what better place to find the sheeple but on Twitter?  Twitter of course went ballistic and was full of breathless "OMG" and "this is terrible" and "Something Must Be Done" and [naturally] "we must do something for the sake of our kids".  It was an outpouring of sheer mindless gullibility and if anything, was better car crash material than the programme itself.

"Pulling out kids' teeth because of sugar is costing NHS £millions. Let's act now"

"Change is needed and this is so important! Support @jamieoliver campaign! I've signed the petition!"

"I consider myself pretty clued up but the stats are shocking! 7000 amputations per year is unacceptable."

"Jamie Oliver's #SugarRush is such a good campaign. Child obesity is entirely avoidable. Stop encouraging it with unnecessary added sugar"

So here we have a bunch of mindless morons actually calling on their government to tax them more, just because an idiot with an agenda told them to?  Did someone mention turkeys and Christmas?

It's not often we get a chance to see into the mind of the brain dead, but here they were in force, with their outpourings of shock and horror.  An odious little arse-dribble tells 'em they must do something and they do it in their droves, without question.

The Cockney Cunt has a petition on-line to implore the government to apply more tax.  It is a very efficient sheeple counter.

At the time of writing, there are 98,672 bleating away happily and the number is rising.

And they wonder why the world is up shit creek?

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Counting sheeple — 4 Comments

  1. It's truly wondrous to behold how the twittering classes swallow this bunkum hook, line and sinker. I do find myself wondering whatever happened to critical thinking and good old fashioned common sense. They seem to have evaporated from the consciousness of the past couple of generations. I have a very apt cartoon on file, and since I can't post images here, I'll email it to you, GD. I think you'll appreciate it.

    • Sheeple

      Indeed!  😀

      We must do as somebody says – it doesn't matter who.  We will believe them absolutely and will follow their orders because it's for our own good [and for the good of the cheeeeldren, of course].

  2. Too bad there isn't a way track down the the 98,672 bleating/twittering idiots. It would give one a decent list of those who badly need to be culled out of society? (only kidding, only kidding)

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