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    • I'm not sure to be honest.  Stampy is a grand lad and is great pals with our Penny.  She used to bark at him [about the only thing she did bark at] and he started giving her little treats.  If I collect a parcel off him at the door, he gives me the treat instead so I'm pally with him too.

  1. Good to know life is keeping you properly occupied. Heavens forbid if everything just stayed working, the post arrived in a timely manner, the water thing worked out to your benefit and you never heard from them again and, of course, the gate never jammed. You'd expire from boredom within the month I'm sure.

    Also, I've just about given up trying to catch up on my comment bombing, I've gotten so far behind now. As you know, my life has been very interesting of late so please don't take offense if I don't comment bomb tha last 14 or so posts.

    • It's the little things in life that amuse me.  The big things just annoy me.  Life would be very dull  otherwise.

      No worries about the comment bombing.  It saves me having to chase all over the shop to see where you've been.  Time you did a post?  No?

  2. Eight days from France to Ireland?  Huh!!!   It's at least three weeks for post to arrive here from England.

    Count yourself lucky…….

    • Dammit but this is my PIPE we're talking about!  This is an emergency.  I won't get the fecking thing until next week now.

  3. The package with the "pipe" is just passed the explosives disposal unit who verfied it was a "pipe" and not a "pipe bomb". It is now being inspected by the council of industrial code make sure the pipe walls, threads, ID and OD met the appropriate ISO specifications.  

    All awards now must meet the quote, 100%, for an acceptable number of LGBT members. Initally you were entered as being gay, but then someone actually broke the rules and read your site.

    The water company has begun foreclosing on your home, but they had the address wrong and have repossessed a  empty lot.

    Amazon will shortly send you approximately 1,000,000 ads for mice, some will even be for computer mice. 

    Finally the post shifting is proof of global warming, Al Gore will visit shortly to film a new movie. 

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