Supershadow has been chastising me again.

Once again in passing I have strayed on to your blog like a virtual ship in the night.

What's this?  No "Dear Grandad"?  This is not going to be good.

As usual I see  its the same foolishness – Just as I like to think above and beyond you are like a frantic potholer digging a bigger hole for yourself, never pushing the envelope. Your refusal to think outside the box is a sort of frontier phobia.You could never have the intellectual capacity to surmise there is no true infinity. You can count numbers for eons and eons but some day you will come to the end – just like a brick wall. There is a biggest number, and adding one to it will bring you right back to the start, Walk outside the door and keep walking for years and you will be back where you started.

Just for the record, infinity is an abstract concept and not something you can measure.  It's a bit like the square root of minus one, or dividing a number by zero.  Just out of interest though, what is your "biggest number"?

If I am thinking "inside the box" then I must be thinking the same thoughts as everyone else?  I must be "thinking outside the box" otherwise you wouldn't keep disagreeing with me?

And I like potholing.  In my younger days I was an avid caver and potholer.  Happy days!

Of course I am writing about your  whole attitude to the Greek situation.
you foolish man, you clearly have no grasp of basic economics.
let me make it simple for you: I lend you money -you agree to pay it back. simple contract. You don't pay it back you lose trust. This is the real Greece situation. they don't want to pay their debts. If we all took that attitude there would be chaos.

Listen, you silly boy.  You have obviously have no grasp of EU politics.  I'll make it simple for you –

I lend you money.  You cannot possibly pay it back because of the strictures I have placed upon you.  I then force you to accept a second loan on top of the first and then take it all back as repayment on the first loan.  You end up still having no money but now have two debts.  Chaos.

Jedinomics will eventually solve these issues. Under our system there will be no cash.
We need a united world. The people would rather be part of something bigger. bigger than state or nation , or the local village in your case. What can be greater than being a citizen of the world.

Discrimination will not be based on color, gender or race but on the world citizen monthly metric.

How environmentally aware have I been this month? what was my carbon footprint? Was I finely oiled cog in the administration of the world or was I a hammer in its works?

Under the jedi system proposed for this planet all these items will be measurable for all the citizens of the world and their sum will decide that citizens ranking for that month along with suggestions for improvements. These can come in the form of an online print off which can then be followed up with public safety champion.

One World Order, huh?  All mindless little drones serving the Common Good? North Korea but worldwide?  Sounds like fun. You're not Kim Jong-un by any chance?

You seem to be obsessed with climate and carbon footprints and all that tree-hugger shit?  You really should think outside the box a bit.  How about love, friendship, happiness, laughter?  You never mention them? Have you even experienced any of them?

privately I think your family would agree with my views but are afraid to speak out because of the patriarchal status you have within your family. I know how irish families work.
When I grew up in Hickory north Carolina there was an irish family near us. I noticed how the male head of the family ruled.

Yeee Haw!  You knew one family and that qualifies you to judge all Irish families?  Is it fair to say that everyone in North Carolina is an inbred red-neck yokel?

The fact is there is no good and evil. its all perspective. Let me give tell you personal insider secret from the first Star wars film grandad.

In the duel between Obi-wan and Darth vader its is widely assumed that Obi-Wan surrendered in order to save his friends.- Not true: he simply gave up against the superior fighting skills of Darth Vader.
Lucas will release all this information after his death. He does not want to face the wrath of star wars fans now by releasing the true nihilistic theme of the star wars films.

But life is nihilism. We are all doomed to be recycled. Doomed to start again in another time in another parallel universe -like some cosmic groundhog day there is never the hope of annihilation.

Yours sincerely,
Mickey Earl Suttle (Aka the Supershadow)

Obi-wan was in fact Alec Guinness dressed up, and acting.  It was a film.  It was scripted.  It didn't actually happen.  It is make believe.  Fiction.  Not real.  Imaginary.  A story.  A good story, I'll grant but still nevertheless a story.

Seriously, SS.  You really need to get out more.

You really desperately need to get laid.

Herself has a cure for all ills –

A pint of stout, an old-time waltz and a good ride.

Try it sometime.

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