Fidelma Healy Eames is a senator here.

Now i don't have much time for senators or even the Senate.  I consider it largely irrelevant, expensive and a massive waste of oxygen.

However for the first time in a very long time I am going to say something positive in defense of our Fidelma.  She's a bit of a twit and tends to put her foot so far in her mouth that she can kick her tonsils, though I think she is more confused than anything.  For example she famously defined "fraping" as "raping someone on Facebook", where it apparently means defacing someone's Facebook page.  Personally I would have though that physically raping someone via the Interwebs would introduce some rather large logistical problems, but I'll let that pass.

Her latest thing is where she was debating some daft bill [The Harmful and Malicious Electronic Communications Bill 2015, if you must know] and introduced the term "wiffy code" into the vernacular when talking about WiFi.

Of the Interwebs picked up on this and people had a fine time sneering and generally having a laugh, to the point where it is now almost part of the general language.  Fine.

In defense of our Fidelama, [See?  I’m standing up for her?] she did actually mention WiFi in an earlier sentence so she knows how it's pronounced, and therefore the "wiffy" reference was probably a piss-take on foreigners.  Again, fine.

Where the stupid woman has gone wrong though is in dragging this whole ripple in a teacup back into the news by declaring that the "abuse" she has received enforces her argument for her new bill, which essentially demands censorship and control over social media.

“There’s been a lot of selective editing going on to ridicule me. This and the focusing on what people considered a mispronunciation of WiFi proves the point of the bill we were discussing, that there needs to be boundaries for behaviour on social media.”

For fuck's sake!! A drop of ridicule is grounds for censorship?  If I inadvertently dropped a new word that everyone took up on, I would have a laugh and would secretly be quite pleased with myself.  Where is her sense of humour?  Where is her sense of fun?

Our Ms Healy Eames needs to get a grip on herself, and should really learn to keep her mouth shut.

Stupid focking cont.


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Cracking the wiffy code — 6 Comments

  1. Oh how sweet. Anyway, what's she doing out of the kitchen?

    I see she's representing Galway. Oh lovely. We're going there in August for our wedding mini-moon. Hopefully she won't have banned everything before then.

    • Just keep the language clean, don't slag off our Fidelma, and for God's sake don't walk into a café and ask for a wiffy code.

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