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      • I expect the new site to extensively cover Greece & Ireland's skipping out –hand in hand, at that– of the EU to forge their own way (as wisely directed by their citizenry.)

        I.E., daily updates of the ensuing economic bloodbaths and the trickle-down (eww!) effect on Jack & Emily Smith/George & Maria Spiros and pets (a chance to bring Penny into it); the reaction to the new taxes on air and water required to re-establish new/old currencies; potato/pita bread lines…

        You know – the fun, uplifting stuff…

        • Hi Doc!  Are you still around?  I will be only too happy to write about Ireland [and Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal] all leaving the EU.  I just hope I don't have to wait too long…

    • Various bods in the Nanny State keep hawking up old crap as if they have just discovered it.  I have just taken a leaf out of their book.

  1. Congrats on your new site. And a grand job on making it look, feel and read just like the old one.

    And this is my brand comment on your new site and I've made it as personally typical a comment as all the old comments I made on your old site. Not bad, huh?

    Looking forward to what comes next as I don't have a clue of what it might be. New and exciting, eh?

    • Exciting times, indeed!  I carried over all the old comments too as they are much better than the main content. 

  2. Make sure to donate the old blog to the archives of the National Library so future research scholars can dig out quotations for their theses on The Irish Psyche at the Turn of the Century.

    • I am in the process of writing them out with my trusty old ball-point.  They will be available for the public to view sometime in 2077.

  3. When I read about it on Twatter just now, I thought you were going to have all sorts of 'new' stuff. Well, I could cope with having porno .gif headers, that might be quite fun, but anything else I would be deeply suspicious of.

    To my surprise, you've actually done an excellent job of the new site, GD. I'm impressed, despite myself. Well done!

    • I tried those headers before and upset some people.  I must replace them sometime!

      I must have spent at the very least thirty minutes working on the old design.  It seemed a bit of a waste of my efforts just to chuck it in the bin.  In the end I decided to keep approximately 100% [at a very rough guess] of the old one.

      • They're bloody relentless, those CIA spooks. All they need is a name, an address and a phone number and YOU ARE SO BUSTED! I don't know how they do it, I really don't. Dark arts, indeed.

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