Every now and then Evolution takes another step forward.

As old species die out, new ones are formed and lately yet another species has joined the list.

I refer of course to the Selfie.

The Selfie [or to give it its full name Homo Narcissus Egotisticus] is a new breed which seems to have spontaneously appeared throughout the Western World.


In appearance it is little different from Homo Sapiens, apart from its distinctive and unique habit of maintaining one arm stretched straight out in front and holding a mobile phone while making extraordinary [and frequently ugly] faces.


The Selfie can be found virtually anywhere though it tends to congregate at places of scenic beauty or at large gatherings.


The Selfie tends to be very insecure in itself, wishing only for the approbation of other Selfies.  It is obsessed with itself and in general would swap a lottery win for the sake of a few Facebook "likes".  The average age of a Selfie is generally between the teens and early thirties though some much older examples have been discovered.  The latter group seems to be particularly obsessed with public opinion.

elderly Selfie

A rare picture of an elderly Selfie

Additional notes

While a relatively new breed, the Selfie is not expected to last very long.  Its mating ritual is to send pictures of itself to other Selfies which is not a great way to procreate.  It also has a propensity to fall backwards off cliffs, tall buildings and bridges, thus proving the Darwinian Principle.

Ain't nature wonderful?

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The Selfie — 8 Comments

  1. The full Latin name should read Homo Narcissus Egotisticus Photographicus – not to be confused with Photosynthesis.

  2. A classic shot of Enda trying to frame the proper Selfie shot.  Hilarious!  Search for Obama selfies.  You'll get a kick out of those as well.  🙂

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