It's amazing how one simple thing can turn a bad day into a good one.

I had a rough night last night.  No particular reason – it was just one of those tossing and turning nights that leaves me feeling more than a little jet-lagged in the morning.

The mood didn't exactly improve as the day progressed.  To add to my jet-lag I also realised I have a crick in the neck which means that turning my head is somewhat painful.

I was out of baccy so Penny and I nipped down to the village.  My usual shop was out of the stuff but that didn't worry me too much as there is another shop at the other end of the village for emergencies.  However the mood by this stage was at around minus thirty and I was getting pretty pissed off.

As Penny and I made our way through the village I realised that there was some kind of cycling shit going on.  There were swarms of the fuckers everywhere, weaving around the road, blocking all the footpaths and taking every available seat at the coffee shop.  Mood was dangerously low at this stage, hovering as it was around the minus seventy mark.

I reached the other shop without strangling a single cyclist [which I think showed incredible self control] to discover they had only one pack of baccy left.  Working on the logic that one was better than none, I bought it.

I made my way back through those fucking banana heads and their fucking bikes when a car pulled up beside me.  My state of mind at this point was close to the red zone at minus ninety so I was in no mood for conversation and I just hoped it wasn't anyone I knew.

It wasn't

It was a couple of Mercan tourists looking for directions to Dublin.

It's years since I have been asked for directions from a tourist.  I presume it was the recession but I began to fear that word of my expertise in giving directions was spreading.  The sight of the two sad expectant faces staring at me through their car window raised my spirits no end.  Summer was here!  The recession is over!   Mood went from minus ninety to plus ninety five in an instant.

I told them I was heading that way so they kindly gave me a lift to my lane whereupon I gave them very clear and careful directions up to the Bogs at the top of the mountains.  If they couldn't find their way out of the village then the chances of their finding their way out of the maze of bog roads up in the heights of the mountains is zero.  The views are nice though.

Isn't it wonderful that one simple little act can turn a day into a sunny delight?


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The recession is over — 7 Comments

  1. I had to dig myself out of those bogs.  I don't think the rental car company will ever forgive me.  At least it is warm weather for them.  🙂

  2. I've been hearing a few German accents in my neck of the woods lately, and a few Americans. Bluebells have appeared on hedges and in the woods. Things are looking a bit up surely. 

    • You cant have fun with bluebells but I'm delighted that the tourists are back.  Summers have been pretty dull for the last few years.

  3. A couple of friends are heading over the water, avoiding the isle of man, to hopefully land in Dublin this coming weekend. It's her 50th birthday, he is already had his four years ago and they shipped out to London for a long weekend back then. Having never set foot in either Londonistan or Dublin can anyone here tell me what the difference is other than one is over here and one is over there?

    • Hmmmmm…….

      Different currency?

      Non-existent integrated transport system in Dublin [you have to walk everywhere]?

      There's no Buckingham Palace in Dublin?

      Apart from that, I think they are pretty much the same.

  4. Just when I thought I'd never hear another "I was in the village and sent 'em to the bogs" stories, you come through with one. Thanks GD, you made my day.

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