Horticultural trends — 12 Comments

  1. Beard trimmings and haircut sweepings make ideal organic material for garden compost heaps. Just dream of magnificent pumpkins and strawberries cultivated helpfully by your/our off-cuts.

    • They are also highly prized by birds during the nesting season.  My beard trimmings adorn many a nest around the estate, along with Penny-hairs.

  2. The bald head with a beard look is very trendy right now.  Sounds like your delivery boy is a fashonista.

  3. Drape a gray cloak around you and stick a battered, broad-rimmed pointy hat on your head and you'd look like an Irish Gandalf the Gray.

      • Excellent! All you need now is the sword and the staff and you'll be complete although you might raise a few eyebrows as you walk through the village the next time you do your errands.

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