My thoughts on a gay pigeon

I suppose there is no escaping the topic?

We have a new political party.  Or so I hear anyway.  In fact it was hard to miss yesterday with the meeja full of the subject.

The new party has a logo –

Party logo

And therein lies my first concern.

The colours and shape are apparently deeply significant.  I read an explanation somewhere yesterday, but I can't find it now so you'll have to take my word for it.  If the logo has to be accompanied by an explanation leaflet the it frankly isn't a very good logo?  As far as I am concerned it just looks like a gay pigeon.

And then there is the name – RENUA

What the fuck?  It looks like a cross between a vitamin supplement and a new car brand. Maybe there is also some deep profound meaning in the word but it escapes me.

They do have a website which I suppose is something after all these months of waiting.  Basically it looks like a queue for a soup kitchen but I suppose I am meant to take some other meaning from it?  I had a brief skim through some of their aspirations which I suppose are laudable enough, but then it's easy to write any old shite [as I should know.  Heh!].  As websites go it's pretty crap.  It has loads of invitations to send them ideas or to get schedules of meetings and the like but no links which is a tad short sighted.  They seem to be a little afraid of links because the entire site is just one page.  However, they used WordPress which I suppose is something.

They also have a Farcebook site.  This is considerably more informative than their main site but then they didn't write it.  Well worth a visit.

I won't mention poor old Terrence Flanagan's car crash radio interview.  The poor bastard has suffered enough over it and I doubt if he will ever consider it his finest hour [or even his finest three and a half minutes for that matter].  If you want to feel sympathy for him, then have a listen.

Having witnessed the whole launch from the sidelines, I am left with an overriding impression that they are a team from The Apprentice, frantically trying to cobble things together in one night before the dreaded meeting in the board room.

They're fired.


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My thoughts on a gay pigeon — 8 Comments

  1. Renault Nua has about as much substance as Lucinda Creighton's head and yer man Flanagan- oh boy. If he's the best they have for PR, they may as well not bother.

    • They knew in advance that Flannagan is not a world class public speaker so I blame whoever nominated him for the job.  It shows a major flaw in leadership.  Personally I felt sorry for Flanagan.  Having been on live radio a couple of times, I know how nerve wracking it can be.

  2. The sad truth for the people on Ireland they cant be any worst the the gobsh*tes in the other parties. Saw Dame Edna on SKY yesterday telling the world the Irish people love been slaves to the IFM.

    • Seeing as the new crowd are basically just disaffected gangsters from the old crowd then I can't see much hope for them.  What this country needs is a far more radical root and branch prune of the whole system, instead of just snapping off a twig or two.

      As for that fuckwit Kenny – he just loves spreading the word that we are all delirious at being shafted and sold out to Big Finance. He’s a cunt.

  3. These idiots think they have the leadership and the ability to govern us?  We badly need an aptitude test before someone is even allowed to stand for election. If it's not foxes looking after the henhouse, it's lunatics running the asylum. We've learned nothing from recent history.

    • The Leaving Cert would be a good start.  Theoretically the most important jobs in the land and we give the jobs to gobshites half of whom can't even put a sentence together.

  4. Renua's tentative name was Reboot Ireland, so Renua can be also known as the Boot Up Party. Remember the Dublin graffiti of 50 years ago – Boot Boys rule O.K.? How that slogan struck fear into timid middle class teenage boys from Dublin's southside!  If any visitors to this esteemed blogsite wish to set up in opposition to Renua they can call themselves the Boot Out Party. But you don't need to form a new Party to boot out the politicians you don't like. You can boot the feckers out by voting Independent in the coming general election.

    • From the reaction I have seen so far, I think there need be no fear.  They will get votes, not because they are called "Renua" but simply because they are not Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour or Sinn Féin.  Basically they are just hoping to become the new Default Party.  Now that would have been a much better name?

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