Dogs have their chips

Own a dog? You will HAVE to microchip it from next year.

Oh do fuck off.

I don't HAVE to do anything.

Now as it happens, I do actually agree with the principle of microchipping.  Sandy was chipped and so is Penny.  It is an excellent means of identification and also the insurance is cheaper.  I even had Herself chipped in case she ever decided to stray.

However telling me I HAVE to get it done is as a red rag to a bull.  I have a good mind to remove Penny's chip if only I could find the damned thing. 

As usual with our Glorious Masters, I really don't think they have thought this one through. 

For a start, how is it going to work?  Are they going to issue our law enforcement officers with chip readers to check every dog they come across?  Is it going to be mandatory for every dog to have a registration plate stuck to its arse?  They have overlooked one simple little fact – the chips are invisible!  The only way anyone would know Penny is chipped is either by waving a wand over her or looking at the medal on her collar which proudly proclaims she is chipped.  And before anyone says the collar is proof – it isn't, as I can remove it at any time and place it on an unchipped dog.

And why are they doing this?  They claim it's to make a dog easier to identify if it's stolen, and that's very true, but that doesn't need another fucking law.  If you care about your dog you'll possibly have it chipped anyway, and if you don't then you would be insane to go and get it done simply because you are told to.  Puppy farmers are usually operating outside the law so I can't see them having a sudden conversion to obedience?  One way or another, it's yet another fucking law which is crying out to be ignored.

Why do I have a sneaking feeling that there is some underlying scheme here?  I naturally assume there is some moneymaking scam at play somewhere?  Probably they are hoping to build a dog database to they can then hound us [hound us!  gettit?] for dog licences.  They can fuck off on that one.  I have never had a dog licence and I don't intend to start now.  I'll pay for a dog licence if they pay for the dog food.

Or maybe it's a diversionary tactic?  They get us so used to the idea of microchipping that we don't even notice it when they pass a law saying we have to be microchipped?  They can fuck off on that one too.

You have to be on the ball to keep ahead of these bastards.

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Dogs have their chips — 11 Comments

    • reading tjose comments…

      no it’s not a nanny state law, there are too many dogs just been abandoned and irresponsible owners not giving a damn, it takes no time to do it, i’ve done my dogs for the last 15 years, it should be brought out for all animals, cats,horses, donkeys,cows sheep,( it might help in the crime if stolen farm animals at the moment too)

      • I agree – it's not a Nanny law, as it's not [presumably] designed "for our own good".  My objection is plain and simple – it's yet another law piled on a ton of other laws and it is completely unworkable.  As I said, I am fully in favour of chipping and always do it but I cannot see how they are supposed to enforce it..

      • And on the subject of comments –

        "If u care abt ur dog I can’t understand why u wudn’t want to have ur dog microchipped. Have both mine chipped since they were puppies!

        What kind of moron writes like that?  Too fucking lazy to type an extra couple of letters, or just plain illiterate?

      • Bill you have, already, been brainwashed.   You write (last sentence)

        ( it might help in the crime if stolen farm animals at the moment too)

        MIGHT help, I want laws written that WILL work.   There are too many that MIGHT, or SHOULD, or DON'T work.

        I'm sorry for the 'shouty' comment but as soon as I read you reply, I boiled over.

        (P.S. I thought that you would have spotted this, Grandad.)

        • another grandad

          That is not my comment, I copied and pasted it from the newspapers site to illustrate how the chippy dogs but a are stepping stone to chippy humans…go have a butchers for yourself but beware there are many more screen smashing comments there…

  1. It's another law for the law-abiding.

    I passed caravans today outside of which lay emaciated dogs. Can you imagine the council officials calling?

  2. If they could put a chip in the dog shit that gets deposited outside my front door each evening I could post it back to its rightful owner.

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