The outlaws are coming

Now they want to "outlaw" pints.

This conjures up a rather surreal mental image of a pint with a black hat and black mask riding into town on a horse to rob the bank.

A fucking outlawed pint?

OK.  I'm wary about below cost selling.  It is a rather devious method of putting the opposition out of business so they can gain a monopoly and thereafter charge what they like, but that's business.  It has been going on for years in the grocery trade and the small shops are still trading?

While I might be wary of below cost selling I am dead against any interference from the gubmint.

So Wetherspoon pubs want to charge €2.50 for a pint?  Let them.  It's about time we had a bit of a price war amongst publicans and I find the idea of introducing a law to prevent it morally repugnant.  It is none of the fucking gubmint's business.

Mary Mitchell O'Connor and Alcohol Action Ireland whitter on about "dangerously high levels of binge drinking and alcohol consumption, especially among those in their late teens and 20s"?  So what?  The vast majority of drinkers know how to handle a pint so why should they be penalised? 

You notice the disappointment in their statement?  Yes – they can't scream about the cheeeeldren!  So they scream about "late teens and 20s" instead.  It doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?

Mary Mitchell O'Connor and Alcohol Action can go fuck themselves.  Since the Anti-Smoker Industry got its way, every other "action" group seems to think they are entitled to introduce laws to interfere in business and our private lives.

If they are so fucking worried about cheap drink, they can start by closing down the bar in the Dáil which is subsidised by my taxes.

God but these people make me sick.

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The outlaws are coming — 12 Comments

  1. "If anything, it will encourage people to return to the pubs instead of 'pre-drinking or post-drinking' at home. It's not prohibition. It's a health issue, not a business issue,"

    I forsee a boom, a veritable rain of gold, descending upon the purveyors of copper piping, pipe benders and large white food grade plastic buckets (I'm assuming demi-johns have already been verboten as 'tools of Satan').

    And If I recall my history aright, the original Prohibition was all about HEALTH- the physical and MORAL health of the nation.  

    • Time to head down the hardware store all right.  I imagine it's not much different from installing a central heating system?

      Unless of course the Nannies fuck off and a price war does start?  Interesting times……….

  2. I very much doubt Wetherspoons are selling below costs,

    It's just they will not play the game, of using the same suppliers and profit margins as the rest.

    I have never been in one of their pubs, but the idea of no TV or piped music is as big a bonus as reasonably priced drink.

    • Two of the greatest abominations ever to enter a pub are televisions and piped music.  Worse still are a combination of both where the televisions are muted.  They are a really irritating distraction and I refuse to drink in any establishment that has 'em.

  3. I think the government should outlaw all alcohol!  Look how well it worked for us back in the 20's and look at how well the government prohibition on marijuana has worked.  Nobody smokes pot because it's against the law, therefore if alcohol is outlawed noone would drink it.  So there you have it!


    • No non-Muslim majority gov would be stupid enough to ban alcohol. But the way things are going I reckon we've got about 25-30 years before it could happen in what'd be left of the UK. Even now there have already been attempts to impose Sharia law on some communities by fundamentalists. 

    • Bloody hell!  I'm not doing my job properly if I make people want to come here.  Or have you moved to North Korea recently?

  4. Remember when they got rid of 'happy hour'.

    They only want a miserable hour. All hours to be miserable.  🙂

    Joke. It's never about health, but the vested interests.
    Like not being able to buy a drop of drink past 10pm.. in the hopes it'll get you to the pub. It doesn't and never will.
    I threw in a bottle of wine with my groceries there recently at tesco and as it was approaching 10pm, the girl at the tills tells me to jump the queue, as if it goes a minute past, she won't be able to sell me the wine.
    What a joke.  All to suit the publicans/moonlighting politicians.  Arseholes. 


  5. It's obviously time to arm the pubs, I think. Vietnam war era, high speed, Gatling style guns that they mounted on the choppers, over/under grenade launcher/rifles and, if you can get them, missile launchers (any type readily available on the black market). Organizing a Pub Coalition Special Forces Team (PCSFT) that could pay a visit to those voicing prohibition type statements, either full or partial, and show them the error of their thinking would be ideal of course.

    Just a suggestion of course. 😉

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