Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Could you all please do me one little favour?

Just shut the fuck up about Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

They are meaningless tacky names that have traveled here from over from America [where else] and they are doing my head in.

My inbox is full of absolute crap this morning from spammers with their "Black Friday" offers and gimmicks.  The papers even have articles advising us how to cope with "Black Friday" for fuck's sake!

I can cope very well with Black Friday.  I try to ignore it.  It is nothing more than a cynical move by businesses to try to part us from our cash and if I want something I will go and buy it and I don't need a day with a tacky name to do so.

Of course the sheeple love this.  The poor mindless dears get hooked by the hype and meekly herd themselves into the shops to buy stuff they don't need at prices they can't afford, but the nice man on the television told them it's Black Friday so off they go like lambs to the slaughter.  I almost [but not quite] feel sorry for them.

And what exactly is so special about Cyber Monday?  It may have escaped people's attention but the Interweb is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five [or three hundred and sixty six occasionally] days a year.  It never shuts and each day is exactly the same.  So what is the big fucking deal about Monday?

If you ask me [which you never do] the whole thing is just another piece of mass manipulation and an exploitation of the herd mentality.

And to cap my mood, tonight is the night of the Late Late Toy Show.

Maybe that's why it's called Black Friday? 

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday — 23 Comments

  1. OK, so what's next?  You gonna' start celebrating Thanksgiving too?  Black Friday is that weird day after Thanksgiving that everyone takes off of work and has morphed into this crass shopping day.  Cyber Monday grew out of the fact that a mess of people went shoppping on line on their first day back to work.  Cripes, it's just an invention of the media anyways.  Like you say the internet is open every frickin' day of the year!  Geez, sometimes we suck.

  2. You won't catch me out on Black Friday ever.  I worked for years in retail (you've got to start somewhere) and had to fight the chaos, so I avoid it like the plague these days.  🙂

      • Fly to La Roumanière Bergerac, then turn right out of the arrivals exit. At main road (N21) turn right follow to roundabout 1st right follow to 1st exit take road for Couze. Follow for 3K and then ask at the Marie. ( No kidding, you won't be far away )

        • Close to my old hunting ground of Sarlat!  Brilliant!  I'll be there in a couple of days.  Please have accommodation for two and a dog.  Please also supply a crate of whiskey [I'll bring the biscuits].  

              • I don't think that the French in general know of Irish whiskey, not that it matters as only a few have a taste for good whisky. As to the cats, we belong to an association who helps control the unwanted cat population, which means there is no way of getting rid of them unless people want to take them as pets.

  3. It's Business As Usual. Frenzied shoppers in some countries have besieged department stores in order to snap up things at discount prices; things they really don't need.  In philosophical terms they choose having over being.  It is one of these social phenomena begging the Big Question:-  What's It All About?

    • It's all about being conned into doing something you don't want to do for the sake of getting your money.  People can't distinguish between wanting and needing

  4. Bigger issue here is the culture of globalisation; which in this case assumes that the festivals, holidays, events and customs are celebrated by populous nations / G8 countries are worldwide. Which they're not, of course. Poppy Day is another one. And Valentines. Marketing folk havn't the time to filter out their customer base according to 'region' (moorketing speak for country) and will just default to spamming everyone about whatever gets folk to part with their cash. Sad world we live in.

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