Ashes to ashes — 4 Comments

  1. Reminds me of an ashtray my dad brought back from a holiday. It was in the shape of a toilet bowl and bore the legend: SEAT HERE YOUR WEARY ASH.

    Hope that animal sanctuary farm in the Wicklow hills gets some needed donations.

    • Ah!  The good old days when ashtrays abounded!

      Quite a few visitors headed over to ASH's site since I posted [don't worry – I don't know who they are, just numbers] so I hope one or two were generous.

  2. it's not helping your bunch but it reminds me to give to our bide a while, similar organization, both my cats are rescue, and if we had room for a dog or two the rescue shelter is the only place to go. Since we can't have  a dog, we do go give them walks from the shelter.

    • When we are bombarded with demands from charities at this time of year, the local animal charities are mostly forgotten, so I like to see them get a smidgen of publicity wherever they are.

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