Divide and conquer

The “vast majority” of anti-water charges protesters are “led by forces who have no regard for democracy”, said Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan.

Time for a rewrite?

The Irish Gubmint is “led by forces who have no regard for democracy”, said Grandad.

There.  That's more like it!

The latest tactic apparently is to tar all protesters with the same brush – we are all anarchists [dead right!], hooligans, left wing factions, criminals and have no regard for the safety of women and of course … cheeeeldren.

According to Dame Enda, there is nothing wrong with protesting.  That is, provided we all stand meekly on the pavement silently waving placards while politicians drive past with smirks on their faces.  Move one foot off the pavement however and we become criminals, left-wing hooligans and anarchists. 

Dame Enda seems to have this dream of an ideal Ireland.  In his dream, we all meekly pay our taxes, accept whatever is thrown at us and tug the forelock whenever a politician drives past.  In his dream, politicians are left alone to claim their massive salaries [and pensions] while jetting off to wine and dine with their masters in Brussels.  We are the Plain People and we have no right to object.  In fact, we have no right to think as the gubmint will do all our thinking for us. 

Unfortunately for Dame Enda, the Plain People of Ireland don't see things his way.  We have seen through his little scam to privatise a basic human resource and to bill us twice for the privilege of drinking a glass of water.  We have had enough of his taxes and his contempt.  He is damn lucky that all he is getting is a few rowdy protesters and the odd water bomb.

His tactic now is to try to demonise the protesters and to turn the general population against them. Divide and conquer is an old trick.  Every demonstration becomes a riot.  Every protest is a criminal act.  Blocking a car is kidnapping.  A water balloon is a deadly missile.  I have even seen a suggestion that he is organising his own hooligan element to discredit the protesters.  That wouldn't surprise me one bit.

The Taoiseach said the issue with Saturday's protest was far beyond whether people could afford to pay for water.

Yes – he's beginning to get the message.  It is not about whether we can afford to pay, but rather that we don't want Irish Water in the first place. 

He said there was a more "sinister agenda" at play.

Sinister for him, maybe.  The people want him and is ilk out of power.

The Plain People of Ireland are at last awakening.

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Divide and conquer — 7 Comments

  1. May I suggest  a smart water bomb or two be hurled aloft in the general direction of these folk…they all look like they could benefit from a cold water wake up!

    Been a while…won't bore you with details but how is herself doing?

      • Glad to hear mrs. G is ok, it was the suddenness that shook me as it came out of nowhere. Eight years later I have been fine so far, put on aspirin and statins. Strokes seem to run in my family so I was acutely aware of the symptoms but I got no warning at all. I gave up driving in case it happened again. With luck it will be a one off.

        • Strokes are a bit of a life changing event, even if they only are a potent reminder of one's mortality.  Both our families have histories in that area so in theory we shouldn't have been that surprised, but we tend to console ourselves that it only happens to other people.

  2. I remember trying to divide the conker. It was always a tough nut to crack – Sorry, couldn't resist that Grandad.

    Yes indeed, divide and conquer is the most cynical and dishonest way of trying to hoodwink a nation into looking in the wrong direction while you pull the rug from under them. Fine Gael have learned well from their soul mates in Westminster.

    • They're moving now from dividing to threatening.  If you don't pay up, you'll be fined.  I find that a bit strange –  if they can't get blood out of a stone, they'll demand even more blood.  Make sense?

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