Alcohol Awareness Week — 7 Comments

  1. On waking up last Saturday morning I was too befuddled to realize that it was Alcohol awareness Week. I feel ashamed. Thank goodness it only comes once a year.

    • PS: If Irish Water charges a maximum of 3 euro per week per household for converting tap water into wine we can all have splendid religious wedding feasts at Cana and elsewhere. Here's hoping they don't install wine meters on households to charge government tax on the fruit of the vine.

      • If they were prepared to provide wine on tap, I would nearly go along with their scam [though I would prefer stout].  If you turned our tap water to wine I dread to think what it would turn out like.  Pure vinegar, probably.

  2. Perhaps they should make this into a national holiday so everyone can have the time to become aware of alcohol. Properly aware that is.

    You could offer lessons for a reasonable price?

    • In fairness, every week here in Ireland is National Alcohol Awareness Week.  We have to keep drinking to keep the awareness alive.

      • Ah, I stand corrected. I still can't convince my wife that moving to Ireland after her retirement (at the end of this year) is something we should consider. Something about loving our home and neighborhood and not wanting to move again–ever, or some such ridiculous thing as that.

        • Homes and neighbourhoods are overrated.

          Mind you, you'd have one hell of a job shifting me out of here…  😐

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