Rolling your own can be fatal

There are times when newspaper headlines are just plain weird.

Trainee doctor dies following fourth visit to sperm bank in one week

What the fuck are they on about?

OK, so it’s sad that an obviously bright  and intelligent young lad should die of a heart attack,but what the fuck are they trying to make out of it?

Suppose the headline read “Trainee doctor dies following running for a bus four times in one week” would that have made the papers?  I doubt it.

So somehow they are implying that bashing the bishop four times a week is dangerous?  Tossing the todger can cause a heart attack?  For fuck’s sake!  When I was his age four times an hour would have been no problem [not that I’m saying I did – just that it would have been no problem].  To suggest that a drop of sex [with or without a partner] four times a week is somehow excessive is just plain stupid, yet his family tried to sue the clinic?

Of course they try to grab the world’s attention with a nudge-nudge headline yet they fail to report the most important fact.

I want to know what magazine he was looking at.

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