Touching the untouchables

I think I have seen it all now.

Muslims in Britain and now complaining that the police aren't racist enough.

Of course, in this stiflingly politically correct world people are going to play the racist card for all its worth.  Commit a crime, and if you're caught just scream racism and you'll be driven home in a limousine with a police escort and a profound apology.  If you're a non-white, non-Christian then you carry your own built in "get out of jail free" card.

I predict two results from the Rotherham Affair.

The first is that no male Pakistani will be safe on the streets in the Greater Manchester area North of England.  No matter what the crime, whether it's a murder or £5 missing from the petty-cash tin, every non-national in the region will be detained, just to prove the police aren't racist.

The second is that no teenager will be safe on the streets of Rotherham.  They will only have to smile at someone and this will be sufficient proof that they have been groomed for sex, and will be rushed off by Child Protective Services and placed in care.

Anyone care to take bets?

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Touching the untouchables — 4 Comments

    • I could have looked it up.  I should have looked it up.  But why go to the bother and effort when I know my eagle-eyed readers will do the job for me?  😉

  1. Your prediction 1  –  No.   The PC brigade is to entrenched in officialdom.

    Your prediction 2  –  Yes.   Unfortunately for the youngsters.

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