Nanny loves ya

I see the Nanny State has been flourishing in my absence?

One of the days, I caught a glimpse of Fatso Reilly on the news bragging about bringing in the plain packaging laws.  Mentally I switched off when he came on but two things did strike me.

The first thing was the man's breathing.  Jayzus but he had to pause a few seconds in front of the cameras just to catch his breath.  I don't know whether it's his obesity problem or the fact that he doesn't smoke but that rasping laboured breathing really sounded terrible.

The second was his mysterious claim that plain packaging would save four thousand lives a year.  Where in the name of blue fuck did he get that idea?  The man is either severely deluded, insane or an egregious liar.  Actually he is probably all three.

Then I saw an item where the Irish Heart Foundation is demanding a ten percent tax on sugary drinks in the next budget.  In a survey they claim that 53% of the population are in favour of this, so it seems that 53% of the population are in favour of a Nanny State?  Apparently by increasing the price of a Coca Cola, Ireland will have ten thousand fewer fatties next year.  Delusion reigns supreme once again?

Then there is yet another "study" that claims that 1.3 million Irish are "harmful drinkers".  I confess that one had me really intrigued.  What the fuck is a "harmful drinker"?  I know a "binge drinker" is anyone who dares drink more than three pints [pause for laughter] but a "harmful drinker"?  Does a hangover count as "harm"?   I'll let you decide for yourselves.

On the other side of the coin, the gubmint has been repeatedly assured that increases in tobacco prices do not cause an increase in smuggling.  Isn't it very strange then that in the last month three tons of tobacco and 32 million cigarettes have been seized?  On the valid assumption that this is only a small percentage of the actual level of smuggling then all I can say is that the smugglers must be holding all night parties and rave celebrations at the prospect of plain packaging and further hikes in tax?

The Nanny State will never learn.  Will it?

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Nanny loves ya — 9 Comments

  1. Thats not even the worse on rte right now is a *report* that by 2080 global warming will have cost europe 200000! Lives and 200b euro as always with this research its full of *could* and *might* and of course is nearly an entire human livetime in the future so no one will be held responsible when its found to be fake again

  2. a smoker will smoke the package has no effect. period. other than frustrating me picking up smokes for my fella when all the packets look alike how can I point and pick out that one.

    • I was in a shop in Cork when a French woman came in looking for a particular type of cigarette.  Her English was about as good as my French and she couldn't explain what she wanted.  As the cigarettes are banned from any kind of display, the woman couldn't point out her choice.  She left in frustration muttering about the Irish [and I don't blame her].  The only outcome was a disgruntled tourist and a lost sale.  Nice one, Nanny State! 

    • They are completely insane.  I have no problems with tightening up regulations on under-age sales, but that's all they needed to do in the first place.  Most shops now use vending machines behind the counter as it's easier than farting around with large wooden cabinets.  I suppose those machines will be banned too?  God give me strength!

  3. Latest from the BMA, no one born after 2000 should ever be allowed to buy cigarettes to create a smoke free generation ! They are all insane.

    • The shouting for this measure will be just as loud as the shouting for the previous measure which was just as loud as the one before. But the demands become sillier and sillier, the cost greater and greater and the possible efficacy as  a public health measure tinier and tinier. You would think that politicians would notice this fact. 

  4. Good heavens. And they expect the Irish people to believe this tripe they're dishing out? And plain packaging doesn't work for booze or cigarettes. Banning them from display on the other hand might keep the sales down a bit but most smokers, as long as they can speak the language that is, won't have a problem with this either.

    Wait until the Irish government decides to really take on obesity. They'll probably plain package all food and ban it from display…oh…and add a food tariff while they're at it?

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