Screwing around

I fucked up my Puter yesterday.

Good and proper.

It was sort of half intentional and half accidental because I knew I was doing something that may have been a little on the dim side of wise, but what the hell…. what's life without a bit of excitement?

For a wee while this laptop has been acting up just a little [as I may have mentioned].  I was going to reinstall Linux but I knew there was a new version coming out soon so I held off.

Yesterday I managed to lay my hands on a pre-release version which they are about to announce any time now.  I carefully followed The Other Fella's instructions and voila! There is my new version of Linux Mint 17.  I know it's a pre-release one and in theory I should wait until the full release but where's the fun in that?

It looks nice.

It works well.

But it fucked up some of my programmes.

In fairness, the programmes it fucked up weren't ones that would normally be installed, such as Microshit Office but one that did give me a load of grief was Google Earth.  That kept telling me my video wasn't good enough which pissed me off mightily.  In the end, I managed to find an older copy which works perfectly but it got me going for a while.

Everything is up and running again now.  It was worth it as it looks a little nicer, seems to be faster and I don't have to kick it to get it started in the first place.

The only programme I can't get to run is my Twitter thingy so I abandoned that.

There is method in my madness.

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Screwing around — 5 Comments

  1. I've been debating the same thing, Grandad.  My ol' laptop is still running Mint 14.  It's only got 2 Gigs of memory so I don't know how well it'll run all the new stuff.  I remember having a 386 with a whopping 4Mb's of RAM.  The cranky and craggy aul' 112MB hard drive did not like to wake up in the morning.  I'd litterraly have to kick it to get the drive spinning.  Those were the good ol' days.  With all that kicking, I never lost any data.  🙂

    • You might be a person who gets nostalgic for vintage cars going back to the 1950s and 60s. The Ford Zephyr and the Austin 7 pleased their owners on the Irish roads sixty years or more ago. A good kickstart often worked wonders on early misty mornings.

    • You're bragging now, JD.  My first one only had 1 Mb of RAM [I think] but it did have a massive 40Mb hard disk. 

      I don't think there would be any problems running Mint 17 on 2 Gigs?  You could always tweak your Swappiness?  [That sounds kinda kinky?!!]

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