Easter surprise

Easter weekend, huh?

One of the things I learned when I retired was that time is bloody confusing.  When I was an employee the likes of Easter were well known in advance – one had to book time off and there was a countdown to a few days peace and quiet from The Idiot Boss.  Even when I was working for myself I was aware of holidays and their ilk because my clients would yabber on about them, and how they wanted such and such a job done by Easter.

As a retiree the calendar ceases to exist.  There is nothing to distinguish one day from another.  Monday is the same as Friday is the same as Sunday and so on.  I like it that way though it can cause confusions sometimes when I want to phone a business only to discover that it’s a Saturday.

I had no idea when Easter was this year.  Then I started noticing things such as advertisements for eggs, demands with menaces for money for the church [I don’t know why they bother sticking their stuff in my letterbox] and shit like that so I assumed it was somewhere on the horizon.

And now it has arrived.

I suppose I had better go and try to find some chocolate eggs for the grandkids.

They need their sugar.

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Easter surprise — 6 Comments

  1. Peanut butter filled chocolate eggs!  yum!  Like the ones all the prodestant churches make this time of year.  Yum!

  2. If you avoid the grandkids on Sunday – tell them you have bubonic plague or leprosy or something – you can surprise them with eggs you have bought at knockdown prices on Monday

  3. This year is flying, it seems like Christmas was only yesterday. Oh and if you have a spare Easter egg send it my way 😉

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