In which I learn of forced freedom

I appear to be in trouble again.
No matter how hard I try I always seem to get it wrong.

 You see, I have been castigated by Supershadow once more and once more he is trying to get me to see the light.  His light, that is, not mine.

Once again you have disgraced yourself, once again have shown what a sexist misogynist you are.

 I try to keep my standards high so I'm delighted to hear I'm succeeding.

To refer to your wife or any woman making flatulent explosions is not only downright rude but is hardly becoming of current affairs blogger???. Over the 7 years you have gone from being a crank to an even bigger crank. Your posts are a danger to humanity. 

Actually I never mentioned flatulence, but that's beside the point.  A "current affairs blogger"?  No.  You have it all wrong.  I'm just a bloke who types out the odd thought that crosses my mind.  I glad to hear I'm getting crankier though and the concept that my posts are a danger to humanity is extremely flattering.  I didn't think I had that many readers.

How many deaths has your web site caused. How many smokers are dying of cancer right now having read your blase attitudes to passive smoking?  HOw many people will die in the floods and the freak weather because of your bad example with regard global warming.

Good God!  I really and honestly never realised that I had such an impressive influence on the world.  The thought that my humble site may have caused deaths is quite mind boggling.  I never realised that I had such influence over smokers, and are you honestly trying to imply that I cause Warble Gloaming?

As an aside, the answer to your question is none.  No one ever died from reading my site.  No one ever died from passive smoking and no one ever died from "Global Warming" apart from a few weather related deaths [that have been happening since man first stepped on this planet].

As a jedi Im a believer in being part of the system. freedom is safety. we must force the people to be free.
Freedom from driving too fast, freedom from e smoking and freedom from eating junk food.

We must force the people to be free?  Force is coercion and freedom is lack of coercion.  Do you see a contradiction here?  People are free not to drive fast just as they are free to not smoke and free to avoid junk food.  What's your problem?

We all breathe the same air- collective action, consensus is the future.
Given that the earth is in danger from global warming and terrorists we are in effect in a permanent emergency.

Once again, you're looking in the wrong direction.  The world is in danger from politicians and to hide that fact they distract you with imaginary Warble Gloaming and terrorist threats.  

Don't get me wrong granddad, Im not expecting you to kneel at the alter of star wars, but lucas is the salvation of humanity and he MUST be kept alive at all costs – even if its costs other lives to keep his heart going.

 I'm glad you don't expect me to kneel at the alter of Star Wars because there is no such thing.  I hate to burst your bubble, but Star Wars is just a film – a fiction – a piece of visual chewing gum.  I saw it, and while Carrie Fisher was rather fetching, the rest was mediocre.  It wasn't a bad film but it wasn't a great film either.  It is no more real than Middle Earth or Never Never Land and it frankly baffles me how people get sucked into this Jedi shit. 

And I hate to break it to you, but the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist either

Midi-chlorians are intelligent microscopic life forms that live symbiotically inside the cells of all living things – including you and me grandad. The highest known midi-chlorian count—over 20,000 per cell—belonged to the Jedi and higher breeds. People that you deride such as your fellow countryman duncan stewart- would likely have extremely high counts. The Mid-Chlorians can speak to the minds of theirnhosts.
Im afraid from your posts its obvious yours is quite low.

Sorry.  All bollox.

Except for Duncan Stewart.

He's a prick.

There will  be a united with it. It's  going to happen. Try having  a positive outlook on life. I I didnt get to be one of the world's premier documentary film makers on the  paranormal, cryptozoology and extraterrestrials by ranting on some obscure blog. Right know Im working as a consultant with disney searching for cast members for the new star wars films.

Careful now – you're contradicting yourself again.  Either I'm killing the masses with my writing or this is an obscure blog.  Make your mind up.

If you're one of the world's premier directors, how come I have never seen your name on-screen?

I even have  knowledge about secret Chinese and Russian operations in your country ireland.
Make your fucking mind up!  Are you a film director or an intelligence agent?  Who gives a shite what the Russians and the Chinese get up to here?  They couldn't be any worse than Brussels, and probably a lot better, so bring 'em on.
The options for tackling climate change are becoming limited grandad. Its time for you to be silent and listen to those few midi – chlorians that have been shouting at you for eons.
Can that wait until after I have lit the [oil-fired] central heating and burned that mountain of old car tyres in the back yard?

By the force

Buy the Valium

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In which I learn of forced freedom — 18 Comments

  1. Ooh, GD, why don't you invite him to do a guest post? What with his midi-chrorines, and Jedi connections and being best mates with George Lucan it would be a stormer. You never know, in return he might get you a part in the next movie as a previously undiscovered and imminently doomed planet. How cool would that be?

    You'd better be quick securing his services though. We haven't got long before we're all burned to a crisp by warble gloaming or smoked like kippers by SHS.

    • He is more than welcome to do a post.  So, if you're listening SS – write out one and I'll post it [subject to the normal rules of libel and slander of course]

      As for being a film star – my hopes were dashed when they cast Ian McKellen as Gandalf..




    You utter cunt! I knew someone was responsible for all the death and disease in the world but I never knew it was you. I'm calling the police.

    While I'm at it, I will report our jedi friend as well.

    The stupidity is strong, in this one, so it is,


  3. Wow, what a superb head case! I have a feeling however his diatribe is a little contrived. Still I will give him 8 1/2 out of 7 for effort.

    • I don't think it's contrived.  Leastwise he has been mailing me for the last few years and he is very consistent.  I'm surprised he hasn't given me up as a lost cause though….

  4. I think he only gets a chance to post when his therapy group are allowed access to computers. He once said there were jedi in the European Parliament – which is a bit of an insult to the jedi

  5. And I hold you responsible for falling literacy standards – you need to altar your spell checker to pick up Supershadow's misteaks….

  6. You have allowed yourself to be scourged, but not crucified, so there'll be no rising on the third day. Give nice Easter eggs to the grandchildren and ignore New Research Findings about children and chocolate.

  7. Oh I am glad you started publishing Super Shadow's brilliant offerings, best laugh I've had this week (apart from seeing 'Himself' chasing the dogs all round the garden trying to retrieve his slippers).

    Looking forward to more of the 'Dark Side', he's obviously casting you as a bearded Darth Vader…… how would that work?

    • He has featured here quite a few times in the past.  Unfortunately he doesn't write that often and has never tried to comment directly.

  8. Well Grandad, when I was still blogging I had a loony. He styled himself Dirty European Socialist and was truly a wonder of the age, although I must say that your loony is very impressive.

    They say you can judge the quality of a blog by the calibre of loony they attract, and I think it’s fair to say that Supershadow moves you squarely into the Premier League.

    Congratulations, and happy loonying…

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