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For those of you who are not aware, the EU is about to effectively ban electronic cigarettes.

Their reasons are not very clear.

They claim that electronic cigarettes contain nicotine.  Have they overlooked the fact that nicotine patches, gum and inhalers also contain nicotine?  The clue is in the name, yet they are the preferred and heavily touted routes proposed by the Tobacco Control Industry.

They claim that no studies have been done into electronic cigarettes.  That's strange because they have been studied and have been found to be relatively harmless.

They claim that e-cigarettes "normalise" smoking because they "look like cigarettes".  This is the strangest one yet.  Nicotine inhalers look like cigarettes?  A pencil in the mouth looks like a cigarette? 

I would suggest that their reasoning is very clear – their friends in Big Pharma are losing substantial profits as the e-cigarette market cuts heavily into the cessation market.

Electronic cigarettes are now used by millions in the EU, and the manufacturing and sales sectors employs thousands.  If this EU directive comes into force then what will happen to those millions of "vapers"?  Will they just go back to ordinary cigarettes?  Probably.  Will they cease vaping/smoking altogether?  Possibly but unlikely.  And what about those in the industry?  Thousands more on the dole queues.

There is a solution.

Under EU law if sufficient numbers declare an interest, the EU has to reconsider.  The maths are fairly complex [this is the EU we are talking about], and a certain percentage of the population of each country has to declare, and if a total of seven countries cross the finishing line then the motion has to be considered.

At the time of writing, Ireland has a paltry 2% of the target required.  Germany is currently standing at nearly 17%. 

So let's declare!!

Get your friends to declare.

If you have a site, then add a link to pass on the message.

Email your friends.

Whether you are a smoker, a vaper or a non-smoker this involves you.

Or do you really want an industry dictating our laws?


or declare here

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Declare an interest and pass it on — 10 Comments

    • The movement to ban or control e-cigs must be one of the greatest follies of our time.  There can only be one reason and that is Big Pharma's loss of profits.  Nothing else makes any sense whatsoever.

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  2. Living in France I have a box which gives me U.K.T.V. and in the many advertising breaks there is now a pharma company who has abandoned patches and such and is extolling the virtues of a 'nicotine inhaler' which is a boring white tube that looks just like an E Cig. Who da thunk it! Big pharma have all those bent E.U. commisars in their pockets, it will be interesting to see what China who have the market on E Cig production have to say about this, not to mention how the 'laws' are changed to accomodate big P but not the fee market producers of E Cigs.

    • If Big Pharma had a vested interest in e-cigarettes we would never hear the end of how great they are.  As it is, they have been blind-sided and are desperately trying to catch up.

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