Not getting the point

Does anyone have a clue what the idiot Varadkar is on about?

From what I can gather, he is miffed because judges aren't throwing penalty points around like confetti?

It is none of his fucking business what judges do.  It's a judges job to interpret the law and if that law is a stupid fucking law then it is the judge's right – nay, obligation – to ignore that law.

It is a very difficult issue to address because we do have a separation of powers between the courts and the legislature,” Mr Varadkar said.

And that's only right and proper.  It is the legislature's job to make the laws, and the court's job to apply them.  If the judges ignore those laws then tough shit – they were more than likely crazy laws to start with.

That penalty points thing is a farce anyway.  If they gave every driver in the country twelve points, would it make the blindest bit of difference to the standard of driving?  There are a few who have collected a point or two and who are driving more carefully as a result but in general, the points system is a farce.  They lash out penalty points for anything and everything these days so it's damn difficult avoiding them.

Anyways, there should be only a couple of laws applied to motorists.  The main one should be "dangerous driving" as that covers everything.  Was the driver driving in a way that could [or did] cause death or injury?  Simple.  Too many cases are brought where people did nothing more than infringe some daft law that is the wet dream of some idiot politician like Varadkar.  

If I drive [carefully] across a junction at four in the morning when the lights are against me but there isn't another car in sight, is that driving dangerously or recklessly?  No, but I can get penalty points for it.  If I cross a white line on a clear road – ditto.  Just take a look at the list and tell me how many of those situations pose in immediate risk of death or injury.

It's all just another indication of how the gubmint are law-obsessed.

Fucking idiots.

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Not getting the point — 5 Comments

  1. "It's all just another indication of how the gubmint are law-obsessed."

    Nay. I won't have it. They may be power crazed control freaks who steal money from anyone they can snare but they have a complete disregard for the meaning and intentions of laws be they man made or universal.

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    • Of course they are law obsessed.  They are under the delusion that any "problem" can be cured by passing a law, even if there are already enough laws to cover a situation.  Look at the raft of anti-smoker laws that were brought in "to protect children" where there was already an over 18s law that covers the whole thing.

      They do have a healthy disregard for the law though when it applies to them!

      As for the link – a good contemplative piece.  Can't argue with it at all at all.

  2. GD.Somewhere about No 23;"failure to turn left when entering a roundabout".Why in the hell would I turn left if my intention is to take the last exit on the right?

    • Technically you have to turn left on a roundabout no matter what exit you are taking.  The alternative is to drive the wrong way against the traffic flow.  Any idiot who tries that shouldn't be on the road, but there is no need for a separate ofence.

      • Jesus,but you are of course correct.It's just seeing it stated that way seems so pedantic.However,refresh my memory.Who was the prominent individual who drove (while hammered) the wrong way on a slip road off the M50 a few years ago?

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