I have noticed a marked increase in television programmes about weight.

A lot are the nauseating “reality” type programmes where we are supposed to follow the progress of people as they attempt to lose weight.  Big fucking deal.  Watching someone lose weight is considerably less interesting than watching paint dry.

There is an item in the Times today.

The team behind RTÉ’s Operation Transformation programme have proposed seven basic lifestyle changes to counter obesity and increase people’s fitness.”

So here we go.  A gang of fanatics and health freaks want the gubmint “to do something”, which roughly translates as wanting the Nanny State to help them along with their little obsession.

They come up with the usual shite about “awareness” which really means they want everyone to be as fanatical as them.  They also produce the wonderful “fact” that obesity is costing the State €5,700 a minute!  What a load of utter shite.  How much do healthy people cost per minute?  Why don’t they just take the total cost of running the state and divide it by the population so they can then prove that killing half the population will halve the budget?

Some of the proposals make the mind boggle.

“children are being encouraged to take 15,000 steps a day”

How the fuck are they supposed to measure this?  Why 15,000?  Why not 10,000 or 20,000?  Why not just stick the little bastards on a treadmill and be done with it?  Think of all the “green power” that could be generated?

“young people should be taught how to cook five simple meals at school. Food education should be a compulsory part of the curriculum”

I actually agree with the idea of all kids being able to cook at the very least a simple meal.  Whether the schools should do it or the parents is a moot point, but they can fuck off with their “food education” which is nothing more than trotting out the “sugar is a killer” and “burgers are evil” mantras.

The best suggestion of the lot though comes near the end –

“extra points should be given at the Leaving Certificate for being fit”

What?  Extra points for being fit?  Are they insane?

How to they work this?  When handing up your English essay at the end of the exam do you have to do fifty press-ups?  Does the Maths exam include a lap of the football pitch?  Are they going to subtract the kids’ waste-size from their overall score?  And does it mean our universities are going to be filled with thin idiots instead of portly geniuses?

Every time I think the Righteous have finally plumbed the bottom depths of idiocy, they step forward and prove that they can go deeper.

You have to admire ‘em.

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The thin line of madness — 12 Comments

  1. What's next?! Free shite analysis (a la Gillian McKeith) with every purchase of Slimfast at Boots?

    Seriously, as a species I think we're now regressing at a far greater pace than we've ever progressed. Life is quickly losing its appeal to me. I want out.

  2. They can't leave people alone for one minute. Don't they know badgering people is unhealthy and people should be 'made aware' they're damaging their health. Btw, the advert on here is how to avoid 6 exercise mistakes and burn more fat. Are they monitoring you?

    • Welcome Lemmi.  I swear if I hear one more person trying to "increase my awareness" of their little hobbyhorse, I'm going to take a high powered rifle up to a high building.  They are playing havoc with my blood pressure.  I hope they are aware of the fact!

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