This lark about the horsemeat in the burgers has cheered me up no end.

Even the dimmest bulb on the street must realise that horsemeat is harmless?  It’s just meat, for fuck’s sake.  I have eaten it over in France [accidentally, I confess – I realised on a return trip to the hypermarket that I had gone to the wrong counter before].  I have also eaten snails / escargot and they were fucking delicious.  In my student days when I frequented Dublin’s curry houses I probably ate cat, dog, rat and seagull and it never did me any harm.

But the “authorities” were running around in circles yesterday frantically assuring us that “there was no danger to public health” as if we were total morons.  It’s their own fucking fault for being so obsessed with “public health” whatever that is.

They are holding all sorts of “inquiries” and “investigations” to discover the source of this heinous act.  They are treating it as “extremely serious”.  Lorry loads of reasonably edible burgers are going to be dumped for no reason other than upsetting their over-regulated industry.  Why can’t they just stick new labels on them and flog them as a novelty item?

The only thing the supermarkets are guilty of is breaching trade descriptions.  If I order beef, I expect beef.  If I order horse, I expect horse.  That’s it.  Plain and simple.  If I had bought any of the “offending” burgers, I wouldn’t bother my arse returning them, but then I never buy any of that processed shit the big supermarkets fob off on us.  I know their burgers are made with the lowest quality scrapings off the bone and are more crap than beef.  I prefer to make my own burgers with fresh [local] mince, egg and herbs.  Delicious, and Shergar-free.

The highlight of the episode was a statement from Tescos.

"The safety and quality of our food is of the highest importance to Tesco. We will not tolerate any compromise in the quality of the food we sell. The presence of illegal meat in our products is extremely serious.  Tesco is working with the authorities in Ireland and the UK, and with the supplier concerned, to urgently understand how this has happened and how to ensure it does not happen again".

Basically he could have said the whole thing in two words.

“Fuck!  Nabbed!”

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Horse shit — 25 Comments

  1. I agree.. Don't know what all the fuss is about.

    Probably lead to a load of new reasons for skiving off work/school.

    "Please miss, I can't come in today 'cause Mammy gave me horse meat last night and I feel sick today"


    I too have eaten it in France, like yourself, by mistake only in a restaurant. Did not have much command of the old frog language back in those days!!

    I'm still here as well (I think!!!)

    • It's just another symptom of the Nannying Society where everything has to be labeled and analysed to death.  We have to be protected against anything harmful or [in this case] harmless.  I just don't understand why this was considered headline news both here and the UK.  Now if they had found lethal levels of arsenic………..

  2. Your missing what is between the lines. 
    This extra meat must have came from an illegal abattoir.

    That is the scandal if it comes true

    • The problem is that there are too many involved in the process – exporters, abattoirs, processors, manufacturers and shops.  It's no wonder that people take advantage or just generally fuck up.

      • so the traceability back to the farmer is a load of bull

        illegal abattoir meat being laundered in licensed Irish meat factories

        jesus, that is the end of Irish exports of meat for a long time

        • Presumably it was the abattoir or the processor who was at fault?  It has nothing to do with the exporters, unless of course they wrote "COW" on the side of a horse?

    • Now that's a horse of a different colour!  [Sorry!].  They should be charging a premium for those burgers if there is heroin and cocaine in them?

  3. It's not a big deal just has the EU change the definition of horse, cow and pig. They lie about everything else why stop now? 

  4. For fuck's sake!!! In Germany during the war horse meat was a much sought after item on the black market and it never affec……. hang on……..

    Forget it.

  5. My ex wife had a French mother, and we would fairly regularly drop in on her relatives in Paris. Horsemeat steaks were a common feature on the menu there, and I loved them. Succulent and juicy and very tender. Served with sautéed potatoes, baby carrots in butter and a green salad. Yum! Always followed by a chunk of Camembert that was running off the plate it was so ripe. All accompanied by a rough and ready Pays d'Oc. Ah, good eating and drinking. It's the very stuff of life.


    Oh, and although almost none of the family smoked (except the son, but I was sworn to silence on that one), an ashtray was always provided, and there wasn't a hint of wrinkled noses or handwaving.

  6. If it was just a mix up of meat, then theres no harm done. But if waste animal products is being laundered through food processing facilities then this is a fucking huge deal.

    A horse doesn't accidentally get killed, butchered and minced by mistake. So what is the source of the horse meat? Old racing horses? Illegal, sick animals? Where was their entry into the process? How were the carcasses stored? Were they even refrigerated? Are they filled with horse antibiotics? Butchered cleanly? Or do they contain offal, brain etc…?

    And if animal carcasses are being laundered, are there other animals in the mix, e.g. greyhounds, donkeys etc…?

    If horse can make its way into a beef burger then so can shit, brain and any other animal.

    • But I always thought those were the ingredients of any supermarket burger?  Wouldn't touch the things with the proverbial bargepole.  Their only use in life is for patching holes in the soles of boots.  How anyone can actually ingest them beats me.

  7. Agreed. Meat should be bought fresh, from a butcher. If you're buying frozen shit at Tesco, you may as well be buying it out of the boot of a car

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