Regular readers will know how I hate advertising.

It is an all pervasive part of the modern world and there is no getting away from it.

If it moves – stick an ad on it.  if it doesn’t move, stick an ad on it.

They are on walls, buses, at the side of the road, on television, on radio and basically anywhere where anyone might chance to look.  It has reached the stage where I check my arse every night to see if someone has fly-posted on it.

I fucking hate advertisements.


When one is being paid for advertising, it’s a different matter.  Innit?

Many years ago, I had advertisements on a site, somewhere.  I don’t remember where but they must have earned something as I remember once getting a cheque from Google.  And recently I checked my account and the fuckers still have about $28.39 of my money.  Now seeing as the mangy bastards don’t cough out a cheque for anything less that a hundred, I have to earn myself another $71.61.  And the only way of doing that is by advertising.

So I have been toying with the idea of sticking them on this site.

Why not?

You can ignore them, or if you are really nice you can click on them and earn me some readies.

If you really hate ‘em you can install AdBlock Plus, like what I have.

So if advertisements do appear, it’s just me being a hypocrite.

But sometimes principles have to be side-lined.

Particularly when $28.39 is at stake.

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Hypocrisy — 34 Comments

    • Yellow?  All I can see is grey.  Maybe you're seeing an ad for lemons?

      Frankly, I have no idea how these things work.  I think I have everything in place but I'm not sure.  I presume I have to wait until someone places an ad?

  1. Ads, especially on blog sites, are always an oddity. I've never seen great returns on ads put on general websites, combined with the general $100 minimum means you're almost never going to get paid.

    Now YouTube on the other hand, that's quite a decent turnover. At least $100 a month for around 45,000 views :3

    • Howya Stranger!  It's been a while. 

      As I said, I did get paid once, which as Herself says is better than a kick in the hole [she can be quite crude at times].  It costs me nothing so I'll leave things in place and see how many years it takes to get to the next 100.  Unfortunately I don't do videos [for some reason they have a thing about nudity on YouTube]

    • Don't exaggerate.  I was testing something [that apparently doesn't work!] and the test only lasted for a couple of seconds.

  2. GD,

    I see no reason at all that I should not be taking money from Google! None whatsoever! I do ok out of adsense on a few sites and they pay out at the 60 quid mark in the UK.

  3. I clicked on 3 ads just for you as I know you will spend the 100 quid on pints or tobacco. I also hate ads and last night lost 15 minutes of my life due to ads on TV. A stupid fucking TV station showed 15 minutes of ads between a show. It was bad enough that the ads took that long but what made it worse was that the same ads were repeated. Needless to say, that show and tv channel will never be watched again.

    • The bad news is that I didn't realise that this actually does make cash.  As I said above, running a site costs, and the ads should nicely cover that.

      And how often do I have to repeat that AdBlock will sort all your problems?

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