Predicting the future — 19 Comments

    • I must say I have to agree.  Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions cannot be predicted with any degree of accuracy.  The best they can ever to is give a level of probability, so the idea of imprisoning scientists is just plain ludicrous. 

      The other side of the coin is that scientists are going to become overcautious and will start predicting events at the slightest hint.  San Francisco had better be prepared for daily evacuations!

  1. You do have look for a silver lining. Can we now convict and jail politicians who fail to deliever on their campaign promises? 

  2. I can predict with almost 100% accuracy, that there are seismic vibrations in my bed most nights..    haaa.  
    Ridiculous carry on.

      • "Again…."?  Oh alright so GD —

        I can predict with almost 100% accuracy, that there are seismic vibrations in my bed most nights..    haaa.  
        Ridiculous carry on.


        Kiss my ass.. again.





          • Too little information there GD..  🙂

            Sorry, let's get back to the dumb Italians..   seems a bit too simplistic to say they were jailed for not predicting the future.   Maybe they were convicted given the available information they had at the time and going on previous trends, a warning would at the least have been reasonable?   Maybe they were busy out sunning themselves, stuffing their gobs with pizza and failed to do their job properly. 

            • Nah.  They just wanted a scapegoat and the poor seismologists just happened to be handy.  Maybe they think that by locking up scientists, there won't be any future earthquakes?

  3. Now if this had been the lot involved in climategate from the University of East Anglia I'd be cheering from the rooftops, but alas, we just gave those fuckers a whitewash inquiry and more fucking grants!

    • Science and the dirty world of politics are now so intertwined, they will have to start regulating the politicians soon and you know what that means. YUP ! Politicians writing the rules for themselves !!!

    • Well Michael Mann has just confirmed that he's actually going to sue Mark Steyn and the NRO over comments made there.  With a bit of luck he'll finally have to submit his 'Hockey Stick' graph data to public scrutiny.  

      Bring it on!

    • There are scientists and there are "scientists".  The latter with their crazy computer models and epidemiological studies should just be lined up and shot.  No need for court cases.  

  4. I predict Ads, more and more Ads, fucking millions of them. No space left for Headramblings, just ads….just like RTE.

    Next GD will be looking for a viewing license fee…..sssshhhhh! no point in giving the auld fella ideas.

    • Now that is a fucking great idea!  Why should I slave away for nothing just to entertain you lot?  Time to implement Pay-Per-View?


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