We can all rest easy in our beds tonight.

Nanny has decided that children can see advertisements for cheese.

They won’t be allowed watch advertisements for anything that is “high in fat, sugar or salt” but they can relax and watch the cheesy ones.

The thought did occur to me that the reason some kids are are a little on the chubby side is because they are watching too much television.

They should be out getting lots of healthy exercise.

But apparently that’s wrong too.

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Cheesy rulings — 10 Comments

  1. "Under the new code, commercials for food and drink deemed to be high in fat, sugar and salt will not be permitted during children’s programmes."

    "Although allowed, cheese adverts will have to include an on-screen message indicating the recommended maximum daily consumption limit for the product."


    Dear God, how much further down this road do we have to go before the public wakes up to the fact that these people are certifiably insane?

    • "how much further down this road do we have to go"  A very long way.  What's the betting on calls for sweets displays to be banned in shops?

  2. Thank god that nanny is looking after us all so well.  The next generation saved from a fate worse than cheese.  At this rate, the young will be nicely trained to do what they are told as adults.


    (Don't these idiots realize that kids today are not in the least bit interested in kids' TV, most of them are too busy watching downloaded porn!!) 

  3. How d'ya like your adverts?



    Sorry; just couldn't resist it. Must be the ketamine painkillers I'm on at the moment

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