You have to laugh.

Not the belly laugh that results from a good joke.

No.  More like the maniacal cackle the erupts from the irredeemably insane.

First they give a prize to Pope Al Gore for his self aggrandising lunacy and his Church of the Dying Polar Bears.

Then they give one to Obama for just being elected.

Now they give the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to the fucking European Union?

They say the EU has brought peace to Europe?  Have they not seen the streets of Madrid and Athens?  Do they not realise that the EU has brought parts of Europe to the brink of civil war?  Do they not realise that the EU has destroyed democracy?  Have they not noticed that the EU has caused widespread misery and poverty?

I’m waiting for someone to jump out from behind a bush and shout “Ha ha! Gotcha!”

Please someone tell me it’s a joke.

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A prize joke — 31 Comments

  1. What a fucking joke.

    So who is going to get the $1.2 million prize?

    Merkel. To add to Germany's coffers?


    And I bet the Greeks and the Spanish think it's a joke as well.

    This definitely makes a complete mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize and downgrades it into practical oblivion.

    • Heh!  Welcome Dougal.  Of course history tells us that Nobel created his prizes to salve his conscience.  I don't think he intended things to go in this direction though.

  2. So for the first time in history Europe is not at war within itself or causing a world war. And you get rewarded for it. For not having a war?  I am not going to rob a bank this afternoon. So I should get a reward? Perverse logic indeed. Still this is the place for that.

    • One thing that made me laugh out loud was Von Rumpy Pumpy's statement that "Europe got through two civil wars in the 20th century and we have established peace thanks to the European Union".  So the history books are all wrong then and there were no World Wars, only a couple of piffling Civil Wars?  And places like Japan, America and Russia weren't involved at all?  I think that statement alone shows how deluded and warped that man's mind is.

  3. I hope they share the prize money out amongst us citizens. I intend to buy a box of matches and burn the wee EU flag I nicked somewhere thats lying in my garage

  4. Speaking of Al Gore when VP he was worth $2 million now with his green crusade which we all pay through the nose for he's worth $100 million. These top EU Politburo unelected creeps must look in the mirror every day and wonder 'how are we getting away with this'.


      • Welcome Fruitbat!  People get the politicians they deserve when they elect them.  That mob in Brussels are a bunch of unelected career politicians.  The fact that they keep harping on about democracy is just a very sick joke.

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