This is the twenty first century, is it not?

I was just wondering, because I came across a snippet of an article today that cast some doubts.

Apparently we are changing the way we organise our car number plates.

I remember the days when there was a system where most registrations started with a Z.  ZA was Dublin, ZB was Cork and so on with a complicated system of letters per county.  Then, back in the 70s [I think it was] we switched to a much simpler system of Year – County – Number.  So the first car registered in Wicklow in 2010 would be 10 WW 1.  Simples?  It has stood the test of time and there is no reason to change it.

Or is there?

This is where we regress to the good old days of superstition.

Apparently they are worried that no one will buy a car next year.  Why?  Because the registration number will start with 13, so they have to change the system.

For fuck’s sake!

Superstitious fucking crap.

I have discovered that there is another superstition associated with cars, and that is that green is supposed to be an unlucky colour.  Someone mentioned it to me after I had just traded in a green Ford Fiesta.  Strangely enough, that car was involved in more accidents than all my other cars combined, and in every single accident, the car was stationary, and in some cases, unattended.  People just seemed to like running into it.  It was hit by a pedestrian, a motor cyclist, a pedal cyclist and several cars.

Not being a believer in superstition, it didn’t bother me that my latest car is described as “green”.

I have had it for nearly ten years now, and not one single bump or scrape.

Touch wood.

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Superstitious twaddle — 20 Comments

  1. This moronic idea began when none other than Kerry’s own answer to Einstein, Michael Healy Rea suggested that no-one will buy a 13 plated car, much less 13-KY-666. The SIMI and other vested interests who have a good ear of the government took over and ran with it.  13-D-STOOPID

  2. Over here red cars are considered unlucky.  They say red cars are pulled over by the police more than any other color.  Also over here license plates (registration plates) are issued by the state and are seven digits and alpha-numeric.  So I have a PA tag that begins with RC because I have a “Resource Conservation” plate.  It has a picture of a river otter on it and some of the money I pay each year for it goes to the PA State Department of Conservation of Natural Resources. 

  3. So everyone in Ireland who buys a car in 2013 would have a car wreck and get killed? I guess that would hurt future sales. Fuckin’ assholes.

  4. Not Green – Jayzus but that fucking idiot Healy Rea should be put to sleep.  Do the gubmint not realise that the reason people aren’t buying cars is that no one can afford them after being taxed to the hilt?

    Brianf – Some of the money we pay goes towards giving ministers nice little holidays.  What the fuck is “resource conservation”? 

    tt – It’s always better to play safe.  And never drive under a ladder.

  5. “Resource Conservation” is the State Parks and Forests.  It’s land set aside to be left in it’s natural state.  PA has some great hiking trails and the ‘Rails to Trails’ program where they reclaim old railway beds for hiking and biking trails.

  6. There is absolutely no problem with green cars …. as long as you don’t drive them on the first Tuesday after a full moon !

  7. Brianf – Seems like the Blog Awards are testing us to see how many troops we can rally.  Ten’s better than nowt!

    John – Does it count if you have a dead black cat in the boot?

    tt – I told you before that my keyboard has dyslexia.  Don’t be mocking the afflicted.

  8. I’m not really supertitious myself GD.. but shura what’s the harm?  You’d only be kicking yourself if you were kilt in a ’13 car.

    Actually, come to think of it when I see magpies, I always do a count of them. 1 for sorrow, 2 for joy.. 3 or more for more  joy..  (it’s actually 3 for a girl and 4 for a boy but vibrators and magic bullets don’t make one preggers, thank god)

    I voted for you too just there.
    Only because, for a blogger, you’re not half as full of yourself as the rest of um. 🙂

  9. In China the number 4 is associated with bad luck, so many hotels don’t number fourth floor rooms with 4 and skip up to another number. 44 is very unlucky, but 88 or even 888 is considered very lucky. A lot of Lottery punters choose the number 8 and avoid 4.

  10. Ger – I was hoping to grab 13 WW 666 for my new car, but it looks like I might as well stick with the current banger.

    Mossy – maybe you should sober up before driving?  It might help?

  11. 666 Grandad? I hope you haven’t been making dramatic calculations from the Book of the Apocalypse. Some guys and groups are deeply afraid of that number. And I am afraid of the literalist certainty of some of those guys and groups.

    Did anybody ever choose the numbers 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 on a single line in the National Lottery? Ha ha, I bet you won nothing.

  12. It’s not green cars that are bad luck, it’s Ford Fiesta’s.  If I saw that parked on the curb, I’d want to smash into it too!

  13. Cliff – In my defence, all I can say is that I had a rusty Datsun Cherry to trade in [that really was more rust than Cherry] and fuck all cash.  I considered myself lucky to even get a Fiesta.  In its defence, I will say that it got me down to Spain and back! 

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