It is four weeks now since Penny joined the family.

As she is a recue dog, we know nothing about her past.  Unfortunately [or fortunately] we will never know what her life was about in the eighteen months to two years before she came here.

There are a few hints that come our way from time to time however.

She is remarkably obedient and house trained which presumably means that someone took some trouble and time to train her.  On the other side of the coin, Herself picked up a stick the other day, and Penny who happened to be nearby, shot off and hid.  That would imply that maybe she got a dose of the rod on more than one occasion?

Initially, she was very reluctant to get into the car, and I had to persuade her before she would clamber in.  Now she bounds in with gay abandon [how can abandon be homosexual?].  So I gather she either had bad associations with cars or was just never in one before.

The other evening the television was on, and it showed a farmyard with accompanying farmyard sounds.  Immediately Penny became interested , so maybe she was on a farm?

Above all, she craves affection.  Everything else, including food is of secondary importance.  Give her a cuddle and she is happy.  Give her food and she’ll demand a cuddle.

So her past remains a closed book. 

Only she knows the story.

And she ain’t tellin’

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The origin of the species — 8 Comments

  1. Now that would be an interesting prospect – the dog’s eye of life at HeadRambles Towers. Of course it would steal all the traffic from here.

  2. Don’t be putting ideas in her head.  Sandy used to write the odd [very odd] piece here until I changed the password.

  3. They’re little truth tellers, that’s for sure. I raise my hand to our wee motherless mongrel and tell him of all the torments and misery I will bring down around his scruffy ears … and all he does is saunter over and lick my face.

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