For the last couple of days our Met Office has been issuing a Weather Warning.

Essentially what they seemed to be saying was that we are going to be having some weather on Tuesday, which I think is rather perspicacious of them?

Sure enough, I woke today and there is indeed weather.  It’s not the calm sunny weather we had yesterday, but more of a typical summer weather with strong wind and rain.  However, to give the Met Office its dues, there is indeed weather.

There had been the occasional mention of Hurricane Charlie and how this wasn’t going to be like that [so why mention it? It’s a bit like describing someone by saying he doesn’t look like the Pope].

I remember Hurricane Charlie back in ‘86 but not at the time it happened.

You see, I was on holidays in Kerry at the time and didn’t have radio, television or newspapers so I hadn’t a clue what was going on.  One particularly wet and windy day we decided to take a trip into Dingle and come back via the Conor Pass.  Now the Conor Pass must be one of the most exposed roads in Ireland and I remember thinking at the time, as the wind blew the car from one side of the road to the other that it was a tad windier than usual.  It was only a few days later that I heard that I had in fact driven over the Pass at the height of the hurricane.  I didn’t know you can shit yourself in retrospect.

So the weather today is not Hurricane Charlie.  Nor is it Hurricane Anna or or even Katrina.  It is just anonymous weather.

They have been issuing traffic alerts too.

They have been warning us that because of the rain, the roads will be wet.

Now anyone who doesn’t know what causes wetness shouldn’t be driving anything more powerful than an electric toothbrush, but I suppose in these Nanny State days, people look on the gubmint to do all their thinking for them?

They have been warning us to watch out for fallen trees.

So when I am driving along and I see a massive green and brown thing blocking the road, I can remember their warning and not drive into it.

I will say one good thing for the weather today.

All those newspapers and other bits of rubbish that I had put out to be burned are now scattered across the neighbouring parishes.

Always look on the bright side.

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Not Hurricane Charlie — 10 Comments

  1. You see what happens! I go home to Wicklow for a couple of weeks, have not too bad weather (even played a couple of games of golf) but, as soon as I return to Tunisia you start to have all the fun.

    Weather indeed! Huh! 

  2. We were doin ok till Hulk Hogan announced them feckin water charges, it hasn’t stopped raining since.   da bolix!

  3. Mossy – I suppose where you are the sun is shining out of a clear blue sky?  You poor thing.

    Not Green – Just so long as we have enough water to drown the little fucker….

  4. Thanks for the one-and-only laugh I’ve had today (I didn’t know you can shit yourself in retrospect.)

    …watch our what for fallen trees?

  5. watch our what for fallen trees”  Fuck!!  How come that no matter how often I read something looking for mistakes, there is always at least one that slips through?

  6. Hulk Hogan in Ireland. WTF?     I keep seeing him at airports. Or look alikes. He was at a restaurant I was at once at Clearwater Beach. Happened to be stood next to him at the urinal. Had to glance and he ain’t no hulk.

  7. Mossy – Send some over, will ya?  It’s around the 16 mark here today.  Fucking summer my arse!

    tt – So you’re the kind of bloke my mother warned me about? 

  8. They can predict what weather will be like in 20 years time (if we don’t pay the extra carbon taxes) but they can’t predict tomorrow’s weather. Sounds legit. 

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