The obedience of fools — 7 Comments

  1. Well GD most of the rules regarding you driving are quite sensible but you don’t go around shooting people (well not that I’ve noticed).
    Shave his beard off and, if found guilty, give him time to grow another one before he burns in hell!!!

  2. As much as it pains me to admit it, this piece of filth is still a US soldier. Today’s military members voluntarily agree to waive many of their rights and freedoms. This include standards for hair length and being clean shaven.

    The government did not take his rights away he gave them up. 

  3. As I said, I’m not really concerned with Yer Man or the outcome of his trial.  I am simply pointing out how hamstrung modern society is with all its petty rules and regulations.  In the case of the trial, the judge [or whoever] should have had a modicome of sense and ignored the “regulation”.  If you’re going to fry a bloke, does it matter a blind shite if he has a beard or not?

  4. The very act of saying that the European Parliament is run by a shower of inept, money mad, power crazed cunts is an illegal act.
    Is that a fact now?  In that case it is a great wonder than I am still at liberty as it a law I break almost every single day!

  5. Army regs is army regs. So you did choose a rather inappropriate example. He is paralysed from the chest down so it should be an interesting execution (hanging.)

  6. The true fact of the matter is, that we all break the law, including those in law enforcement, and the only issue is getting caught. What fucks up laws is when they are bad. You can get penalty points for doing 31MPH in a thirty miles an hour zone. Some prick can clamp your car and tow it away, which is malicious damage and theft in my book, and yet you are the one to get shafted. 

    So, there are methods. You can drink and drive here when it’s raining, ’cause the gardai do not go out in the rain. You can smoke in a pub if you know the owner well, and you’ll probably find a garda there before you when you do. You can park anywhere you like if you steal someone else’s car before you set off, and you won’t get done for stealing anybody’s car even when you are caught. 

    And never forget the power of cash in small untraceable denominations in getting away with just about anything !!! 

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