I have been watching with some amusement the growing campaign against The Overweight.

In particular I have been watching the similarities between the anti-smoker and anti-obese movements.

When they originally tried to force smokers down the path of righteousness, they didn’t have much success.  Advertising, “awareness” campaigns and statistics on how smokers have an expected lifespan of five minutes didn’t work so they had to try a new tack.


The method is simple.  Invent the concept of second-hand smoke and then persuade non-smokers that they are being killed by smokers.  That way, non-smokers will apply the pressure and the job is done.

I have been waiting in anticipation for the concept of second-hand obesity.  There was a study that claimed that somehow the friends and relatives of the obese tended to be overweight themselves.  This was so laughable that it was widely ignored by all.  So how do you persuade “normal” people that the obese are killing them?

I came across a “study” today which may be the glimmerings of a new denormalisation campaign against the overweight.

The obese are eating all our food.  Even worse, they are threatening the very future of our existence on this planet.

It has been mentioned in the past that I have a habit of using the words “study” and “scientists” within quotes, and the reason I gave was that I have nothing but contempt for these blatant attempts at propaganda.  I had only read the first few lines of this latest garbage before I started tripping up on the loopholes in their arguments.

The most glaring error is in their comparison of Asian, American and European average weights.  Have they never noticed that there are genetic differences within the Human Race?  Has it not occurred to them that Orientals tend to be shorter and lighter than Caucasians?  Their basic argument is that cattle will go short of food because elephants are eating too much.

So is this the Holy Grail for which they have been seeking?  Is this argument sufficient to denormalise the overweight?  Is this Second-Hand Obesity?

I think they’ll have to do better than that.

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The lardarses are killing us — 7 Comments

  1. I can see the Daily Mail / Daily Express headlines now


    I saw a TV programme advertised the other night “The Walking Dead” or something, I’ve never seen it, maybe they could have one called the “Walking Fed” about Fat people walking aimlessly around towns looking for food.

  2. Lafsword – Another thing I am waiting for is some nice little moniker they can apply to the Overweight.  “Filthy smoker” trips nicely off the tongue, but “filthy overweight person” lacks a little something?

  3. I notice that the “study” was done by Scientists from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
    What the fuck do “Hygiene” and “Tropical Medicine” got to do with one and other ??
    Probably the only way fat people will kill us is by sitting on us!!!!

  4. tt – That is not very Politically Correct?  I like it!

    Mossy – If you examine these “studies” you’ll quite often find that they are done by people from a non-related discipline.    I can only assume that the field of expertise is irrelevant if they come up with the required findings.

  5. If you think the fatties eating all our food is bad, some fuckers drinking my beer. Since the smoking ban came in, I don’t go to pubs much anymore, but the smoking police tell us that they are packed now. I surmise that some self-righteous bastard is quaffing away at what should be my pints. Now, that is an outrage ! I hope he gets fat on it !

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