Last week was the thirty seventh anniversary of my father’s death.

Thirty seven years and I still miss him.

I miss his humour.  I miss his anecdotes and I miss his wisdom.

Probably the biggest thing is his wisdom.  I miss having an ear to bend when I have a problem.  I miss the sound advice.  When you become the patriarch, you have no shoulder to lean on.  There are friends of course but they generally are the same generation as yourself.  When it comes to major decision making, you are on your own.

To all of you out there who still have fathers, treasure them.  Listen to them.  They have been around a lot longer. so the chances are that their advice is sound.  Most of all, treasure them for just being there.

You’ll miss them when they are gone.

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Father’s Day — 13 Comments

  1. 19 yrs for mine, I miss him every time I look in the mirror, out of 5 kids I’m the only one who took after dad’s side. We used to have the best talks, gosh I miss him so much. Every day.

  2. My auld fella passed away twenty one years ago, he smoked since he was eight years old, never sick a day in his life. He gave up at age of 72 then got diagnosed with emphasemia. He always reckoned the fresh air killed him! We’ve lost a strong generation that built this state and they ain’t maiking any more like ’em!

  3. Not Green – Sounds like a similar story to my Dad.  I wonder how the future look back on us….  Will we be the ones who saved the country or the ones who sold it down the Rhine for a fistful of Euro? 

  4. “Most of all, treasure them for just being there. You’ll miss them when they are gone”.

    Amen to that Grandad ..

    I lost my friend, mentor and hero 15 years ago & I still miss him on an almost daily basis ..

  5. Haddock – I know it’s an old cliche but the one thing I regret the most is never telling him how I really felt, and also just not appreciating him when he was around. 

    Anne – You made it back!  Vodaphone must have got their act together!  That clip brought back wonderful memories – not of Star Treck [haven’t watched it in decades] – but of attempts to polarise my daughter’s pathways.  They all collapsed too.  I ended up dropping her on her head.  That worked!

  6. Aye Grandad, my Pa has been gone 11years this September.
    Like you, I still miss him every day. He made me laugh, and every bit of advice he gave me was always good. If only I had been smart enough to take it every time! 

    Happy fathers day Grandad.

    And happy fathers day to you Dad.

  7. “If only I had been smart enough to take it every time”  And that is precisely why I say to anyone with a living father – make the most of him!

  8. Cat – My deepest apologies.  Somehow you got marked as spam, and I have only just found you there.  I wonder how many of us would love just one more hour with our fathers just to say all the things we never said?

  9. Mike & the Mechanics – classic

    My sentiments are the same as yours – I miss my father dearly even after 27 years.  He was a rock when it came to help and advice.  I’m 61 – exactly his age when he died – yet he seemed older, somehow.
    I wasn’t there that morning when he passed away – he’d sent my brother and I home assuring us that he’d still be there the following morning … not to be … strangely, however, he still is in many ways ….

  10. Father’s day this year was confusing. I was looking after the kids of my friend who’s dad had just passed away the day before, so my own kids didn’t really get the chance to relish their own pop, neither did I my own.

    I still O.U. a golfing/manicure/tourist cull trip.

    Or we could just go on a bender… 

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