A snip at the price — 11 Comments

  1. At that price you can cut your own bloody grass.  I suppose you expect me to clean the windows as well?

  2. In the rush to get the roof on someone forgot to put in the chimneys. Or else they are just prop houses like the ones on wild west movie sets!!

  3. But what would anyone do with them? We have 300,000 empty houses and property prices are going to fall another 20% according to Moody’s (which is an effort to stop the continuing nosedive of the market)

  4. I meet lots of young Chinese graduates who would love to work in Ireland. Now I see there are lots of ghost estates scattered around our towns and villages…

    Fancy some more takeaways?

  5. Not Green – They’re probably “all electric” houses, which may pose a very small problem as I doubt they are connected to the supply.  They could be a bit chilly in the Winter or even in our current Summer.

    Ian – All that is needed is a little imagination.  Knock them all inro one and you have a 42 bed hotel for your fifty grand.  What I would do is flog ’em to a film company who I’m sure would be delighted to have a full village to blow up with their special effects?

    Ger – There you go now.  Another excellent idea.  The capitol of the Irish Takeaway Industry.  Fourteen takaways all in one spot.  Now that could be quite a tourist attraction?

  6. What’s wrong with them? Did you sleep there one night or something and word got out?

  7. Let me get this right. If I agree to take these fourteen houses off some broken developer, he’ll give me €50,000 as well. Let me see now ! The new property tax would be €1,400 a year to begin with, possibly rising to €5,000 in year three. I reckon by year eight, (2020), the fifty-K would be gone on that alone. Then there is the low usage charge from the ESB on each house, coming to a grand total of €2,184 a year for not using electricity in the houses. Toss is a water charge for not using water, the possible return of rates, taxes we cannot even imagine yet and the threat of squatters, and it becomes less attractive before you even consider house insurance on these boxes.
    Naw Grandad, he’d have to give me far more than €50,000 to take that shite off his hands !

  8. John – You needn’t worry about the low usage charge for electricity as I very much doubt there is any.  Whoever buys that lot will have a bit of a problem though as he [or she] will have the additional cost of finishing them off, not to mention the roads and general infrastructure.  And then he [or she] has to try to flog ’em again which will be difficult in that neck of the country.  It’s a lovely spot, but it’s hardly commuter belt.

  9. Quite an investment opportunity for someone I guess.  I would imagine that the highest bid will far exceed the €50K.  Not in the market myself though.  As you say a beautiful part of Ireland though and I wouldn’t mind buying one when they’ve been finished off and services laid on – at the right price of course.  Would you let us know what they go eventually go for?

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