You almost have to admire the bastards.

Not content with skinning us for every cent they can during life, they are now after us after we have died.

Now even the dead have to pay tax.

And what’s more I see it is our friends the EU who are imposing this, though I would dearly love to know why the European Court of Justice are involved.

When my time comes I will refuse to pay.

They can bring me to court.

They can stick me in gaol.

I won’t care.


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Death sentence — 11 Comments

  1. Must agree that it is confusing where/how this tax was imposed.
    European Court of Justice??
    Perhaps some dead bodies sued the council against them be deported!!

  2. Mossy – Maybe they are just making the point that there is no justice in Europe?  Cunts!

    A Grandad – Just to confuse the issue I think I will stipolate in my will that I want to be buried in the local [illegal] landfill.  Let them work that one out for taxes!

    MikeUK – Welcome and thanks once again for demonstrating the inadequacies of my fucking spellchecker.  Even now it is trying to change gaol to goal.

  3. There is a simple solution for non payers of death debt……. they could sub-let your plot to a politician. Imagine spending all of eternity with Mary Harney or Phil Hogan laying on top of ya!

  4. Cat – The only two certainties have at last been combined into one.

    tt – Depends what school you went to.  I don’t think Merkans ever got a grasp on “gaol” so they simplified it to “jail”.  Bless!

    Not Green – That is a though so utterly disgusting that it would put me completely off the idea of dying.  Damn you!  Now I’ll have nightmares tonight.

  5. €940 what and thats just to pay the leeches at the council you still have to pay a few lads to did it out. I looked up that EU 2010 Finance detective there are hundreds of pages all rubber stamped by these MEPs..gobshites.                                   I myself wont be going into the ground in Ireland ashes scatted on the South China Sea sod Ireland ,sod the EU FF FG and Liebour. Speaking of gobshites I just seen the photo of the Jedwards ….silver costumes resembling knights in armour and ended the act being drenched in water…..COULD YOU MAKE THIS STUFF UP….they have fans?

  6. Fucking hell!!  I just came across that photo of Jedward.  I wonder what effect a cattle prod would have on those costumes?

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