Jayzus but I had to laugh yesterday.

Our little pipsqueak of a finance Minister [Noonan – the one who always sounds as if he is issuing a summons] has told the Greeks to get their act together and form a government.  That’ll put the fear of God in them?

Talk about an overblow sense of self importance!

I can just imagine the scene; all those Greek parties squabbling over how they should form a government when word seeps through – Noonan has spoken.  Quaking in fear, they put all their differences to one side and the Greek political crisis is solved, and disaster is averted.


Our gubmint is getting quite slap-happy about the Greeks.  Only a couple of days ago they issued a dire warning to the people of Ireland – if we reject the Fiscal Treaty we will end up like the Greeks.  Quite how rejecting a treaty leads to having no government I don’t know but if it does, then that alone is reason enough to reject it.  Far more likely is that if the Treaty is accepted, we’ll all end up like the Greeks – jobless, homeless and hopeless.

For a campaign which they swore would be truthful and honest and wouldn’t threaten the voters, they are doing quite well.  So far, all I have heard is tales of money drying up, and how we would lose the respect of Europe [big fucking deal] and now, how we will end up like Greece.  We have been threatened with bankruptcy and isolation.  Vote NO and Ireland will cease to exist.  No putting the fear of God in us there, then?

So far, the only positive things they have had to say were all about how it will stabilise Europe and in particular the Euro.  And therein lies the rub.  This treaty is simply and solely to prop up a failing currency.  It was designed with the currency in mind and certainly not the citizens of Europe.  We can all go to hell in a handcart so long as their precious fucking Euro is all right.

In a nutshell, the Fiscal Treaty is good for the Euro and very bad for the Irish people.

I see Ganley has joined the fray too.  There is something about that man I don’t like, and I can’t quite decide what it is, but fuckit, if he is campaigning against the Treaty then I’ll let him buy me a pint anytime.

Anyone or anything that puts the shits up our gumbint has to be a good thing in my book.

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Putting the fear of God — 11 Comments

  1. I seem to remember Biffo or Edna warned China about something !!!! This is what happens when you are the 3rd highest paid politician in the know world. I saw in the Independent  that the gobshites increased their own expenses a few weeks ago without the need for receipts who said Ireland was short of cash.

  2. Sure everyone knows we are rolling in cash here.  Look at how we can afford to chuck a few million at Mozambique to solve a problem that doesn’t even exist!

  3. Grandad,  Sorry mate there is a limited supply of cardboard boxes and what with Quantative Easing and a fixed pension I’m going to be needing all the ones I have before very long!

  4. That would be great, Gubmint would introduce a cardboard box charge, or a cardboard box rental, purchase, disposal, production tax to fuck that idea up.

  5. Slab – I wouldn’t put anything past that Merkel one.  I wonder what she has lined up for Ireland?  A tsunami would be sort of predictable.  Maybe a volcanic eruption in the Bog of Allen?

    Pete – Indeed I read that [I read quite a lot on-line!] and had thought of doing a wee piece of my own on it.  An interesting report!

  6. Glad that you saw it Grandad. An interesting one on the BBC today stating that Clones has gone back to using the Punt and that there is still 300 million punts in circulation!

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