Bashing the bishop

There are times when I would love to have been a fly on the wall.

One of those times was last month when a priest was doing a slide show for parents at a primary school.

The fucking idiot went and gave them a free showing of a porn collection by mistake.


Now if a priest wants to collect porn then that is fine by me, provided it is adult porn and not the kiddy fiddling variety.  If he wants to spend his evenings developing healthy muscles in his right arm then so what? 

It’s one thing though for an adolescent to hide a stash of smutty magazines under his mattress for private use, and another thing entirely for a priest to display them on a screen for the edification of a group of strangers.  Forget the smutty pictures – my fly on the wall would have been studying the faces of the audience.  That must have been a joy to behold?

He claims though that he doesn’t know how the images ended up on the memory stick he was using.  He says he wished he had checked first.  Heh!  I bet he did.

Of course he could be entirely innocent.

It could just be a case of random atoms and molecules charging each other up and randomly creating a pattern of bits and bytes that by sheer coincidence form the pattern of an image file that was not of the variety to show a maiden aunt?  Like a digital version of an infinite number of chimpanzees typing on an infinite number of typewriters and eventually producing the complete works of Shakespeare?  Stranger things have happened?

No.  Maybe not.


Bashing the bishop — 19 Comments

  1.  “In my shock and upset and in my concern to ensure that the images would never be shown again, I destroyed it later that evening.”

    This is how he gives himself away and you know that he’s a lying cunt.

  2. There’s nothing like a drop of evidence destruction?  Now he can try to convince himself it never happened.  Waste of a good memory stick though.. why didn’t he just overwrite the files with a fresh batch?

  3. “Waste of a good memory stick though.. why didn’t he just overwrite the files with a fresh batch? ” …

    Or put it up for auction on eBay ? .. 😉

  4. It’s difficult to understand why people flock to any religion. I think it goes to two of the core aspects of human nature. Cowardice and fear. Of course the ones that control and benefit from religion are well aware of this and profit from it. Not saying religions don’t do a lot of good work. Just that the price is too high. In time to come our descendants, should they survive climate change, our greedy destruction of the planet, nuclear war and asteroids, will wonder what the fuck we were all about.

  5. Maybe this was a fuck up by Fr. Feeler or maybe someone engineered his downfall.
    I’ll bet he knows what his PowerPoint is for now.

  6. Peacock – He missed out there all right.  “Genuine porn, as blessed by the Pope”  Would have made a fortune…

    tt – Fear and superstition by the adherents.  Power and control by the proponents. 

    Slab – If that was sabotage then it was brilliantly done!  I don’t believe it though – he would have been enraged instead of apologetic.

    Brianf & Jan M – Leave poor tt alone.  He can’t help it.

  7. I must be an idiot as I really don’t understand either comment. Neither one of ’em responded to your post and had anything worthwhile to say. Clearly Brianfuckface is a nasty little troll cunt.

  8. tt – Brianf goes back many years.  He’s an old pal [we used to do a podcast thingy together].  I don’t agree with quite a few of his beliefs [political or otherwise] but one thing he isn’t is a troll, in the Interweb sense.  If it’s any consolation, I don’t understand a few of the comments made in this site myself.

  9. Ah!  My understanding of an Interweb troll is someone who goes around placing nasty comments just for the sake of it.  They rarely if ever have anything constructive to say.  If Brianf’s comment were the only one he had ever placed he would indeed be seen as a troll, but in fact he has been around for many years making constructive and funny comments.

  10. I read that story and think – there but for the grace of God…
    I could have slipped one day, banged my head, lost my mind, taken the cloth, hidden inside a dog collar, climbed on to my high horse and ridden to Craggy Island.
    The gay porn memory stick though. Nah. Hard to see that happening by accident. (And whatever happens between consenting priests is none of my business anyway. More power to your elbow.)
    On the plus side – it’s one cleric who appears not to have an unhealthy interest in children. One to watch for the bisophric I’d say.

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  12. GD, I know exactly how this priest feels, having recently posted a link to your blog accidentally when I was trying to show everyone an innocent article about funny cats playing pianos.

  13. Blackwatertown – I’ve had a few narrow escapes myself, but nothing as dramatic as Yer Man’s.  I almost feel sorry for him, but then almost ain’t exactly the real thing!

    Rhodester – Are you implying that this is a smutty site that I wouldn’t show to a maiden aunt?  How very fucking dare you.

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