Is it my imagination, or are there a lot more spammers these days?

I’m not talking about the semi illiterate spammers who just post some crap, where they obviously haven’t read a word I have written – the “You’re blog is exceptional! I’ll check back soon to learn more” type of shite. 

I’m talking about apparently reasonable comments, where someone has actually read my pearls of wisdom and has made an attempt to make a logical response.  On second reading though these little gems have two fatal flaws.  They add sweet fuck all to the conversation, and they always link back to some sort of commercial site.

I found a few of these awaiting my approval today.  One is a perfect example where he comments on yesterday’s rant – “Looking great guys! But why all the swearing in the comments? hmmmm”  Now this chap has obviously noticed that the comments are a little on the flowery side [and what comments here aren’t?  Keep ‘em coming, and the flowerier the better] and has had the fucking gall to chastise us.  In my opinion, modern society invites and deserves salty language simply because it is so fucking frustrating and idiotic.  It would drive a saint to swear.

Another difference about this comment is that he uses his own name.  This is not from “Villa Rental Bali” or even from “Free Game Cracks and Key Generators” [presumably of the well known Key Generator clan?].  Oh no.  This is from Danny.  But his link points to his web site which is promoting his designs or something. 

It has taken me quite a few years of blood sweat and tears to get this site to a point where a few people actually read it, so I am sorry Danny, but you ain’t getting a free ride on the back of my labours.  And that goes for Hans and Trevor too who are both eagerly waiting in my moderation place to advertise their insurance and squishy pillow sites.  I don’t even know what a fucking squishy pillow is, and nor do I want to, so I am certainly not going to advertise it.

So if you want to comment here, feel free.  If your link points to a [*holds nose*] “blog” [*yech*] then I have no problem with that, but if you want to promote your business, leave the link out, or else fuck off.



This post is based on fact.  All events are copied and pasted from my current spam and moderation queues.  Any resemblance to any person, living or dead is purely intentional.

Some spammers were severely hurt in the writing of this piece.

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Squishy pillows — 15 Comments

  1. Just posted a spiffing reposte only to have it rejected as spam – bastards.

    anywho, on the subject of squishy pillows, mine is made from memory foam as indeed is my mattress, now why would anything that just lies there on the bed all day and all night need a memory, do they get up in the middle of the night for a piss and forget where the bed is? could they possibly forget that they are a pillow and mattress, transform themselves into an aeroplane and whisk me and the missus off to paradise? we can dream.

  2. Fucking hell!!  Can’t spammers READ?  Within an hour of posting this I got one from someone calling themselves “moteles en providencia“.  There is another one too which just smells wrong.  I have a good mind to just let anyone and everyone [even tt and Patrick] post what they want and link to wherever they want.  The site would then look more impressive with hundreds of comments per post.

    tt – Which comment edit box?  If you mean the one that allowed you to edit after you have already submitted, then that is one of the little yokes I had to remove to make the site faster.  It was the second worse offender.

  3. I managed to find a couple of spare minutes in my unbelievably hectic schedule, and have fired up one of the plug things.

    Cat – Let your namesakes loose, and let them do their worst.  I need a good tester.

    Slab – *sigh*  Talk about casting pearls before swine………….

  4. No.  Nothing like that.  It’s never anything interesting – just web hosting sites, real estate [auctioneers?] and stuff like that.  All rubbish.  All dispatched into The Black Hole.

  5. Here’s one good thing that came of this. I was looking to buy some squishy pillows and your post came up. I’m glad I found this site… you can add “+1” to your reader count.

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